AES New York 2019 Presenter or Author

Rick Seegull

Rick Seegull

Primary Affiliation: Riedel Communications - Burbank, CA, USA

Richard “Rick” Seegull has been a systems consultant with Riedel Communications since 2015. He currently manages the systems consulting arm of Riedel’s North American team and is responsible for coordinating other systems consultants, providing technical support to the sales staff, conducting training sessions, and representing Riedel North America on industry panels. In his 24-year career prior to joining Riedel, Seegull managed and created both startup divisions and departments involved in all aspects of the product chain, from concept and design to manufacturing, marketing, and sales. He has served as senior vice president of sales and marketing for Aurora Multimedia, director of business development for A/V control and automation company Xantech Corporation, and product engineering manager at Otari MFG. Seegull graduated from the Polytechnic University of New York with a B.S. degree in electrical engineering.

Session List

Oct 16: AIP06: Bolero Wireless Intercom System in AES67 Networks (Presenter)

Oct 17: AIP16: NMOS - A General Overview of the Current State (Presenter)

Oct 17: AIP18: Bolero Wireless Intercom System in AES67 Networks (Presenter)

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