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Michael Klasco

Michael Klasco

Primary Affiliation: Menlo Scientific Ltd. - Richmond, CA, USA
AES Member Type: Life Member

Mike Klasco and his firm Menlo Scientific Ltd provides audio engineering and sourcing consulting services since 1983. Mike also writes for Voice Coil magazine, AudioXpress and the on-line newsletter The Audio Voice.
New plastics that are stiffer and better damped than commodity plastics result in less enclosure buzz and smoother response. Active noise canceling and acoustic echo cancelers especially benefit from these materials. Nano materials enhance water repellent surface treatments to CVD coatings for enhanced structural integrity. Carbon fiber composites deliver high strength for speaker diaphragms to horns and enclosures with fast forming speeds. Ongoing development of graphene for microphones, headphones and micro-speakers promises significant performance advances. Elastic (helical conductor) audio cables provide elongation to 40% while delivering non-tangling and non-microphonic (no body noise).
You will see examples of the materials available so you as a product developer can start seeing how your products ride the next wave of ultra-materials.
At the talk tickets to special demos at booth #457 Friday from 12:30 to 1:30 pm for hands-on (and ears-on) for the technologies discussed during the product track talk.

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Oct 18: PD12: Advanced Materials for Audio Products (Presenter)

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