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Tony Brooke

Tony Brooke

Primary Affiliation: DDEX, Pandora, Recording Academy - San Francisco, CA, USA

Tony Brooke lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. He works at Pandora, responsible for the systems that store the most listened-to music collection in the world. Tony is also working to fix metadata problems in the digital music supply chain. He is on the Board of DDEX, Co-chair of the DDEX ERN Working Group, on the Board of the San Francisco chapter of the Recording Academy, and Chair of the chapter's Producers and Engineers Wing. He completed significant research into audiovisual metadata and media asset management as part of his Master’s degree in Library and Information Science. He has also been an audio engineer specializing in remote multitrack recording since 1992, with over 100 releases in his discography (including two Grammy-nominated albums) and over 500 clients.

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Oct 18: AR03: Metadata from Creation to Consumption to Preservation (Panelist)

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