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Cesar Lamschtein

Cesar Lamschtein

Primary Affiliation: Kaps Audio Production Services - Montevideo, Uruguay
Secondary Affiliation: Mixymaster - Montevideo, Uruguay
AES Member Type: Member
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Cesar Lamschtein was born in Montevideo Uruguay in 1973. His passion for audio started at the early age of 11. After building his musicianship by learning to play drums among other instruments, he began experimenting recording himself with a 4 track cassette portastudio and figured out without a manual (nor internet!) the whole multitrack music production process. That was it, Music Production and audio engineering was THE thing.
He decided to turn his passion into a career by getting his degree in audiovisual techniques in France in early 1990’s. Audio education wasn’t available in his country at that time. The 90’s were a beautiful time to learn and get involved into audio: the last analog days and the first digital/tape days, prior to DAW based studio. he could witness on his own the change of paradigm.
After getting back to Uruguay, he worked as staff engineer in several studios, getting involved in music, theater and film productions, as well as live sound mixing and live recording. After getting confidence, he started freelancing, as well as consulting and teaching.
He got to collaborate in productions with all major local and regional artists, as well as international performers like The Mission, Placido Domingo, José Carreras, Kitaro and Luciano Supervielle, among others.

He has more than 17 years teaching experience. ORT university gave him the teaching excellence award in 2010. He teaches now in the public uruguayan university, and is regularly called to lecture in audio technology events and private schools.

In 2012, After designing, installing, and starting up the first and only word class recording studio facility in his country, he was called to lead the audio and video department of the National Concert Hall of Sodre, Uruguay finest and biggest venue.

In 2017, after spending 5 years setting up and developing Sodre, among other projects, he was called to design and install Uruguay, newest and biggest indoor facility, a 10.000 seater venue, by the name of Antel Arena.

He continues to improve his skills and getting up to date as much as he can, thru attending to masterclasses (Bruce Swedien, Bob Mc Carthy, Allan Parsons, Joel Hamilton, among others), workshops and of course meeting fellow audio enthusiast at AES latin American conferences and AES conventions.

He joined the AES in 1996 as a founding member of the Uruguayan section. He was previously “touched” by Albert Grundby in the 1995 AES Paris convention and got convinced that AES is the way of sharing experiences and getting as better as you can. He is a proud and active member of the society promoting student activities, recording competitions, organizing seminars, meetings, events, conferences, virtual conferences and gathering professional and students together to share experiences through almost 20 years. He was given the AES board of governors award in 2012, citation award in 2015 adn is currently the VP for the Latin American Region.

He’s two main professional projects as of today is development of an innovative dynamic plugin processor, a app to cope with mysophonia triggers and to develop an online music mixing platform with fellow engineers from south america, Mixymaster.

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Oct 17: AP03: Shame on Us: Phase Is Not Polarity! (Presenter)

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