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Samuel Sousa

Samuel Sousa

Primary Affiliation: Triton Digital - Montreal, QC, Canada
AES Member Type: Associate
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Sam D. Sousa began his career as a developer moving from role to role exploiting his multivalence. Project management, systems administration, tech support and management, Sam has experienced many facets of business making him a jack of all trades, but master of "some". Prior to joining Triton Digital, Mr. Sousa spent seven years with world-renowned Cirque Du Soleil. As projects and infrastructure architect, he supervised technological implementation of IT efforts for live entertainment shows including the popular Love and Delirium. While his Cirque experience may not have taken him into the Grand Chapiteau, he helped create the organization’s touring infrastructures and gained understanding of marketing, human resources, and publicity activities.

Session List

Oct 17: B07: Anatomy of a Stream (Moderator)

Oct 18: B13: Metadata— What Works, What Does Not and Why? (Presenter)

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