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Eddie Ciletti

Eddie Ciletti

Primary Affiliation: Manhattan Sound Technicians, Inc. - West Saint Paul, MN, USA

Eddie currently runs a multi-service audio business in the twin cities of Minneapolis and St Paul Minnesota. He currently repairs condenser and ribbon microphones, analog and digital tape machines, assorted bits of audio recording gear, does analog to digital transfers, recording, mixing and production.

His company, Manhattan Sound Technicians, Inc., was incorporated in 1988, and located in a storefront on NYC's Lower East Side. MST did installs and make house calls for the niche that was then known as 'The Project Studio.'

Prior to hanging out his shingle, Eddie worked at Record Plant, Atlantic and Bearsville studios, as well as providing tech support for live broadcasts like Live Aid (1985), Farm Aid (1985), MLK's Birthday Celebration at the Kennedy Center (1986) and the Statue of Liberty re-dedication (1986).

Eddie's professional start in 'music technology' industry began in 1975 as a keyboard technician for Hall and Oates. In addition to touring, he worked at MCI in Ft Lauderdale Florida, has a passion for building and maintaining disc mastering equipment. At 92% Italian, his Eggplant Parmigiana and Torta di Ricotta are to die for!

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Oct 16: AB02: Custom Consoles / Power and Grounding (Presenter)

Oct 19: AR07: Archiving the 90s! (Panelist)

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