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Emily Wigley

Emily Wigley

Primary Affiliation: Acoustical Engineer, Shure Inc. - Chicago, IL, USA
AES Member Type: Member

Emily is an Acoustical Engineer at Shure Inc. specializing in acoustic transducer design, manufacturing, and integration. Her current work focuses on earphones, headphones, and microphone arrays. Prior to Shure she was a Principal Applications Engineer at Knowles Electronics, focusing on balanced armature receivers and electret and MEMS microphones. While at Knowles she provided transducer design, QA/FA, and integration support across dozens of products from cell phones and home devices to hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Emily has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Purdue University (concentration in acoustics with a minor in electrical engineering) and a Master of Engineering in Acoustics from Penn State.

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Oct 19: PD17: Using Gage R&R Tools to Validate and Characterize Acoustic Measurement Systems (Presenter)

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