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Masataka Nakahara

Masataka Nakahara

Primary Affiliation: ONFUTURE Ltd. - Tokyo, Japan
Secondary Affiliation: SONA Corp. - Tokyo, Japan

Masataka Nakahra is an acoustitian who specialized in acoustic design of studios and R&D work on room acoustics, and is also an educator.
After he had learned acoustics at the Kyushu Institute of Design, he joined SONA Corporation and started his career as an acoustic designer.
In 2005, he received Ph.D in acoustics from the Kyushu University, and founded ONFUTURE Ltd. to start R&D work on acoustics.
He has classes on acoustics at the Tokyo University of the Arts and the Institute of Sound and Arts.
He has been a governor of the AES from 2016 to 2018, and a director for the Japan Section since 2002, and was a Section Chair on 2009. He received Japan Award for his contribution to the audio industry from the Japan Section in 2013. He contributed to many international and regional conferences as a committee member.

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Oct 16: GA01: 4-Pi Reverb Effects for In-Game Sounds (Presenter)

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