AES New York 2019 Presenter or Author

François Montignies

Primary Affiliation: L-Acoustics - Marcoussis, France

As part of the Education & Scientific Outreach team at L-Acoustics, Francois Montignies is at the interface between the Application and R&D departments. He is mainly focused at improving the knowledge and the practice of the end-users. Since he integrated the company in 2011, two of his key projects have been the developement of the training program and the design of innovative software tools for the optimization of variable curvature line sources.
As an educational background, François holds two MSc degrees: one in acoustic engineering and the other in cognitive sciences. Prior to L-Acoustics, he completed a Ph.D in product sound design while working for Renault, the French automotive company. He also spent some time at the HIT Lab New Zealand, to explore the use of 3D sound in augmented reality applications.

Session List

Oct 16: P04: Room Acoustics
Optimum Measurement Locations for Large-Scale Loudspeaker System Tuning Based on First-Order Reflections Analysis (Author)

Oct 16: SR01: Large-Scale Loudspeaker System Calibration, from Simulation-Based Design to Onsite Tuning (Presenter)

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