AES New York 2019
Off-Site Events B10

Thursday, October 17, 7:00 pm — 8:00 pm (Off-Site 2)

B10 - Tour of Stitcher Studios

Stitcher Studios, 5 Bryant Park (6th Ave. & 40th St.)
Limited to 20 people; tickets available at Registration

Podcasts currently reach over 73 million affluent, highly educated and exceedingly mobile listeners in the U.S. alone. Stitcher is among the earliest, the most creative, and most successful proponents of this vibrant medium. Providing a 360-degree suite of production, distribution, and monetization services to artists, entertainers, and thought leaders Stitcher is the parent company of leading comedy podcasting network, Earwolf and of Midroll, the company’s advertising and sales arm. To provide their programing creators and producers with the optimal production environment, Stitcher’s management team engaged WSDG Walters-Storyk Design Group to create production facilities in both its NYC and LA offices.

The recently completed NYC studio complex occupies a 2000 square foot sector of the firm’s 20,000 square foot space in a midtown Manhattan office building overlooking Bryant Park. The suite of three studios, two edit rooms, and two additional ISO booths can accommodate anything from a one-on-one interview to an 8-person roundtable and live music recording sessions in Studio A. Stitcher Chief Engineer John DeLore reports that “Superb sound quality was a major design priority, and reaching that goal began with the room design. WSDG understood that vital concern and specified complete room-within-room, floating floor isolation to preclude any leakage.”

WSDG Partner/Project Manager, Romina Larregina believes Stitcher’s studios epitomize the concept of uncompromising attention to detail. “Decoupled floors, wall and ceiling structures were implemented to insure the level of isolation required between the various studios positioned adjacent to each other,” she says. “A clean, bright, straightforward floor plan optimizes every inch of allotted floor space with the most appropriate acoustic treatments to further enhance the overall high quality sound environment. Studio A was designed to set frequent musical guests completely at ease for their performance sessions. Stitcher Studios represent a new standard for podcast production.”

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