Guidelines for presenters

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Guidelines for presenters of an oral paper



Paper sessions will be held in the 150-seat Rymer Auditorium in the Music Research Centre (MRC). The auditorium is the main conference room and part of the Department of Music. Paper sessions are single track, though there will be a variety of parallel workshops, visits and demonstrations running throughout the conference.


Audio visual facilities

A full-wall HD projection screen is available for paper presentations. A laser pointer will be provided. If necessary, the screen can be raised/lowered during the talk (e.g. to avoid obscuring the frontal speakers in the loudspeaker rigs). Screen operation is audible, but it is sufficiently unobtrusive to allow you to continue speaking while the screen is moving.


The room has a Mac Mini equipped with PowerPoint, but to reduce the risk of encountering compatibility issues, we recommend you bring your presentation on a laptop; we have a wide selection of video adaptor cables with which to connect it to our video projector. 


Loudspeaker rigs

Audio facilities in the auditorium comprise a 5.1 surround system using Genelec 1037C speakers and a 16-speaker ambisonic rig. If you would like to play back material using these systems during your presentation, we kindly ask that you send it to us ahead of the conference. The preferred formats are mono, stereo, ITU 5.1 (L R C LFE Ls Rs), or Ambisonic (ACN, SN3D).

More information on the rig is here


Preparation for, and delivery of your talk

Please test your presentation in the Rymer Auditorium in the break before your session. Presenters in the first paper session of the day will need to test their presentation prior to the keynote talk or alternatively, for days 2 and 3, on the preceding day.


The session chair that your presentation is in will be in touch to request a short biography of about 75 words, which they will read out just before you speak.


Paper presentations should last no longer than 15 minutes, after which there will be five minutes to allow for questions and for the next presenter to set up. The session chair will signal a two-minute warning before your 15 minutes are up and chairs are being instructed to adhere tightly to the schedule to ensure the smooth running of the conference program.


Guidelines for poster presenters


Timings and location

Poster sessions will run daily during each lunch break from 12:30 until 14:00. Lunch will be provided in room E106 and, to encourage people to visit your stand, the poster room is located directly next door in room E107. 


Please set up your poster any time before 12:30 on the day of your session (the poster room will be accessible daily from 8.30 am). To make full use of the networking opportunities afforded by displaying your poster, please have someone staffing it for as much of the session as possible. 


Posters should be removed during the afternoon and by 17:45 pm at the latest. 


Other details

Each poster location will be provided with:

  • A stand which can accommodate one A0-sized, or two A1-sized posters;
  • Means for attaching the poster(s) to the stand;
  • A four-way mains power adaptor;
  • A table with approximate dimensions 1.2 m x 0.6 m and a tablecloth.



For any other queries, contact [email protected]

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