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A finger points at a waveform on a dark background. Text above the finger reads '2019 AES International Conference on Immerisve and Interactive Audio'. Text below the finger reads 'March 27-29, 2019, York, United Kingdom. Creating the Next Dimension of Sound Experience'


Sponsored by:

GENELEC is spelt out in green font on a white background.

black text on a white background reads: izotope 

White text on a black background reads KP Acoustics TM. a Blue spiral is in between KP and 'Acoustics'


 A white triangle facing to the right is on a red rectangle. The YouTube logo. Black font on the right hand side reads 'YouTube'.


FACEBOOK is spelt in blue on a white background 

3 small dots one above the other are on the far left - a black one, an orange one and another black one. Black and orange font reads NUGEN Audio.

The committee greatly appreciates the generous support from the above sponsors. 

For more information, or to express interest in sponsorship, contact

AES - Audio Engineering Society