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New project - AES-X261: Polarity and pin configuration for linear balanced audio PCB connectors

This project will define the number of pins used for each channel and the pin configuration for connecting +, -, signal conductors and cable shield for linear PCB (aka euroblock) connectors.

The widespread adoption of PCB (aka euroblock) connectors without a pin configuration has led to many different varieties causing wiring mistakes, compromised noisy immunity, and added time to installs.  Much of the industry has gravitated toward a (+/-/shield) configuration but it should be standardized.  Furthermore, there are practical and technical considerations to avoid a 5-pin configuration for channel pairs.

The development will take place in Working Group SC-05-02, chaired by Fred Morgenstern.  Interested parties are encouraged to join the group and contribute.  The memberships of AESSC working groups are open to all directly and materially affected individuals.  AES membership, although strongly encouraged, is not required.

To join the Working Group

Posted: Saturday, February 17, 2024

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