AES Standards participation

Open membership

The memberships of AESSC working groups are open to all individuals. AES membership is not required.

Members are expected to hold all unpublished proceedings and committee documents in confidence so that undeveloped and unapproved documents do not inadvertently mislead persons outside the committee. This restriction precludes membership of individuals attending for the purpose of reporting to the press. Members are expected also to abide by the AESSC Rules (PDF) on all committee matters. Because AES is a professional society having individual membership, membership is not open to companies or organizations, although individuals may informally represent the positions of their organizations.

Attendance at meetings is desirable but not required. Members are expected to contribute their expertise at meetings or by correspondence whenever appropriate. Members who have not made any contact with their working groups for an extended period will be asked if they wish to remain on the rosters.

Working-group membership

Working group membership is obtained by participation in meetings and standards development activities. You can also request membership using this on-line form.

Please read AESSC Communications (PDF) for precautions regarding the e-mail address you provide, as well as additional information on the secure document exchange sites and e-mail reflectors that will be used for standards work.

E-mail communication is fundamental to our procedures, and access to our email reflectors is restricted to your registered email address. There is an online facility to update your email address, and up to 3 addresses may be current at any time. If we cannot communicate with you - for example email to your registered addresses bounce - we may revoke your membership.

The structure of AESSC groups is shown in AESSC Structure & scopes; the activities of the working groups may be examined in Meetings & Reports.

Task Groups

Membership in the task groups of working groups is obtained in the same manner as working groups, but, in some cases, may be closed.

Task groups do not need to meet the same consensus criteria of working groups, however, discussion within task groups may not be presented as an AES position or official document until it has been documented and published through the normal due processs of the task group's parent working group.

AES Standards Committee

The AES Standards Committee (AESSC) itself consists of its officers, the officers of its subcommittees and working groups, and certain representatives of other bodies such as the AES Technical Council.

The memberships of AESSC subcommittees consist of their officers and the officers of their working groups.

Standards Secretariat

If you have any question regarding membership of AES Standards groups, please contact the AES Standards secretariat.

updated 2019-09-23

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