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AES-R16-2016, Report on PTP parameters for AES67 and SMPTE ST 2059-2 interoperability

AES and SMPTE have both specified profiles for IEEE 1588-2008 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) for use in professional media applications; the respective standards being AES67 and SMPTE ST 2059-2. The design goals were somewhat different: the AES standard was aimed at interoperability of some existing networked audio systems and the SMPTE standard at meeting requirements of the EBU/SMPTE Task Force on Timing and Synchronization. Nevertheless, it is clear that there is significant overlap in the application space and that some users will want to use equipment conforming to AES and SMPTE specifications on the same network and in the same PTP domain.

Each standard defines a profile in terms of ranges and recommended default settings for parameters. The requirements of the two standards are not mutually exclusive and this report explores suitable parameter choices for interoperation. The overlapping operating conditions identified in this document are not intended to replace any profile, but rather to identify a common set of parameters and options that satisfy multiple applications.

This document is based on a reading of the two standards and the knowledge that interoperation was a stated development goal for both AES and SMPTE. Further experience with interoperation of these profiles may lead to revisions of this document or one or both of the involved standards.

To obtain a copy of this standard, go to and search using "AES-R16", or go directly to:

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Posted: Monday, May 2, 2016

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