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AES42-2010 (r2015) Digital interface for microphones has been reaffirmed

AES42-2010 (r2015) AES standard for acoustics — Digital interface for microphones has been reaffirmed and reissued in a new printing.  

This standard describes an extension of the existing AES3 digital audio interface to provide a digital interface for microphones. 

This standard includes the AES42 system-command set to enable storage and recall of user settings in the microphone itself.

Additionally, since the upload times were not acceptable for a firmware update using the AES42 interface, the bit rate can now be increased. This higher bit rate, called Fast-DPP mode, can be used to transmit DPP commands or firmware update data. It is introduced as an option.

An optional periodic transmission control feature is introduced to allow manufacturer specific command sets for remote control of microphone features.

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Posted: Monday, February 8, 2016

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