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As the professional society for audio, the AES serves its global membership by providing educational resources, leadership in the development of new standards and technologies, and forums for the exchange of creative and scientific information.

AES members are recording engineers, researchers, broadcast technicians, acousticians, sound mixers, equipment designers, consultants, DSP engineers, students, educators, technical directors, systems installers, mastering engineers and more.

Membership in the AES connects you to a worldwide organization of audio professionals representing all areas of the industry. Networking and face-to-face interaction occur at every level of the society, from local section meetings to international conventions and conferences. It also makes you eligible for a wide range of AES awards.

Every member has free access to the AES E-Library, the digital version of the prestigious Journal of the AES, as well as a growing video library called AES Live. Discounted registration fees for major meetings and trade-shows make membership a value that pays for itself.

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All members are now given free access to the AES E-Library, which contains every paper ever published in the AES Journal or at an AES convention or conference.
The Journal of the AES (10 issues per year) is provided in digital form or (optionally) in print to all membership grades. Members also receive exclusive online access to numerous technical and creative tutorials, videos and articles.

Meetings & Activities

Local sections send meeting notices and newsletters for their activities to members in their geographic areas. Schedules of AES conventions and conferences are sent to the entire membership.

Discounts/Refer-A-Friend Rewards

All members receive discounts on convention and conference registration fees as well as greatly reduced prices for publications in the AES Store. Members can save even more money by referring their friends.

One of our more popular benefits is provided by Apple - a discount to any of our members living in the U.S., Canada, or Japan. (Apple hasn't expanded the program to other countries yet.) Members can find the link in the AES Member Portal.

AES members also enjoy significant discounts on books by Focal Press. If your company is interested in being listed here, click here to see how your company can participate in the AES Membership Rewards Program.

Career Resources

Member profiles and forums allow AES members to network with each other through the AES website. Full members with public profiles receive the additional benefit of appearing in the results of "Find an Audio Engineer" searches. The Job Board lists openings from AES Sustaining Members, and the Education Directory catalogs vocational and academic programs in audio engineering world-wide.

Membership Types & Prices

A Member may be anyone active in audio engineering or acoustics who has an academic degree or the equivalent in scientific or professional experience in audio engineering and its allied arts and is familiar with the application of engineering principles and data in that field.

Full members can vote in Society elections, hold office (e.g. Board of Governors, Section Chair), and those with public online profiles appear in the results of "Find an Audio Engineer" searches.

After you have become an Associate Member you will be invited to upgrade to full Member status.

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If you already are an Associate Member you can Apply for Member Status.

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An Associate Member may be anyone interested in audio engineering and in the society's objectives, but who does not yet have the degree or the equivalent in professional experience required of a Member.

Associate membership includes all the privileges except voting, holding office or chairmanships, although Associate Members can serve on a professional section committee.

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Students can pay student rates for one year following graduation and then qualify for a one-time "Recent Graduate" discount (of approximately 35%) when upgrading from Student to either Associate Member or Full Member, depending on qualifications and experience.

Students may claim status as Student Members during any period(s) of academic training. These need not be consecutive but cannot exceed a total of 10 years. After 10 years a Student Member will be converted to Associate or Full Member, depending on qualifications and experience, at the Recent Graduate rate for one year, and then at the prevailing fees.

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Life Membership recognizes long-standing members’ support for the Audio Engineering Society. Any Member, Fellow, or Associate in good standing who has been a paid member for at least 25 years can, when he or she reaches the age of 65, apply for Life member status and be exempt from paying dues from that time onwards. This includes all the existing privileges of their membership category plus the online edition of the AES Journal and free access to the AES E-Library. In line with other membership categories, Life members also have the option to subscribe to the printed edition of the Journal at the prevailing rates.

If you believe you meet the above criteria you can request an upgrade to Life Membership.

Sustaining Membership is available to organizations who wish to support the AES.

Visit the Sustaining Members page.

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