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Meyer Sound Laboratories, Inc. - R&D Lab Engineer

Posted On: 2018-1-19
Location: Berkeley, CA, USA

Technical Areas:
Test & Design of Analog Circuits, Digital Circuits, Digital Signal Processing, High Power Linear & Class-D Audio Amplifiers, Switched Mode Power Supplies, Acoustics, Transducers, Electro-Mechanical Systems, SMD and mixed Technology PCBs

• Design and assemble test equipment apparatus to test and analyze all electronic and acoustic performance characteristics of new electronic product designs.
• Test and debug electronic circuits and systems in new products involving analog and digital circuits, DSPs, MCU, power amplifiers, and power supplies on SMD PCBs and electro mechanical assemblies.
• Participate in circuit design during concept and prototype phases led by Sr Engineer.
• Design and implement digital filters and dynamic signal processing for new products using MATLAB, Sigma Studio, and other software tools.
• Develop design verification test methods and document test results.
• Construct prototype and proof of concept designs by adapting existing PCBs and engineering new analog, digital, and power circuits.
• Generate PCB layouts, schematics using Altium. Create and manage BOMs and ECO within Agile.
• Research and specify electronic components for new circuit and product designs.
• Manage and maintain lab equipment, components, and fixtures required for prototyping and testing new product designs.
• Participate in project planning and task management
• Supervise lab technicians and provide training, task scheduling, and performance goals
• Perform acoustic measurements in anechoic chambers and labs. Tune and modify acoustic performance by measurement and aural auditioning.

• Minimum 10 years technical work experience between engineering, manufacturing, service, and technical product support including customer technical interfacing.
• BS degree in Electrical Engineering or an equivalent combination of education and related experience.
• Minimum 5 years specific experience involving circuit design, test, debug, and analysis in each of the following technologies: class-D amplifiers, linear amplifiers, digital signal processing, low noise analog circuits, high voltage circuits and AC systems, micro controllers, switched mode power supplies, professional audio systems, acoustic measurements techniques.
• Thorough understanding of circuit theory and mathematic analysis in the technology areas listed above.
• Expertise using Audio Precision System 2700, SIM3, FFT Analyzers, High Speed DSOs, along with demonstrated ability to obtain complex measurements in noisy mixed signal and high voltage environments.
• Experience generating all engineering documents, ECOs, detailed test procedures, and technical data reports.
• Skilled in circuit simulation, Spice, Matlab, Altium, analog filter design, digital filter design, and system control algorithms operating in MCUs and DSPs.
• Proficiency working on and modifying fine pitch SMD components and PCBs, high current and voltage power circuits, and electromechanical assemblies.
• Comprehensive understanding of audio transducer physics, characteristics, and behavior in high power audio systems.
• Demonstrated ability to effectively manage multiple tasks, projects, and priorities and ability to meet demanding deadlines and schedules.
• Strong analytical and problem solving skills. Effective written and verbal communication skills.
• Mechanical and electrical prototyping experience required. Machine shop experience preferred.

How to Apply:

Please mention AES001106 when applying for this position.

About Meyer Sound Laboratories, Inc.

2832 San Pablo Avenue
Att: Rachel
Berkeley, CA 94702

Phone: +1 510 486 1166
Fax: +1 510 486 8356

Meyer Sound continually strives to elevate the overall dialogue about sound and bring greater awareness to the importance of how we hear and listen. A collaborative, results-focused approach to sound solutions drives a company philosophy where creative thinking, old- fashioned craftsmanship, and entrepreneurial technology are strongly intertwined. Tours for top-grossing artists and respected concert and entertainment venues rely on Meyer Sound, as do houses of worship, cinemas, restaurants, universities, corporate offices, and museums. With field offices and authorized distributors worldwide, Meyer Sound designs and manufactures all products at its Berkeley, California headquarters, allowing for rigorous quality control and testing. Scientific acoustical research and product development have earned Meyer Sound more than 60 US and international patents and numerous awards since its founding in 1979 by John and Helen Meyer. Meyer Sound is a registered trademark of Meyer Sound Laboratories, Inc. All rights reserved.

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