AES San Francisco 2012
Historical Event H4

Sunday, October 28, 1:30 pm — 4:00 pm (Off-Site 2)


H4 - The Egg Show: A Demonstration of the Artistic Uses of Sound on Film

Dolby Laboratories’ Theater

Ioan Allen, Dolby Laboratories Inc. - San Francisco, CA, USA

The Egg Show is a two-hour entertaining and evocative look at the influences of sound mixing on motion picture presentation. This educational and exquisitely entertaining survey of sound design and acoustical properties in film has been presented at many industry events, film festivals, technology seminars, and film schools with great success. With pictures of eggs ingeniously illustrating his points, and an array of 35mm clips, Mr. Allen explains mixing and editing techniques that sound designers and filmmakers have developed over the years. Many film examples are used, each of which has been chosen to demonstrate a different mixing issue. You will see how film sound mixers highlight a conversation in a crowd scene, inter-cut music to film and create artificial sound effects that sound more real on film than on a live recording. Numerous slides enhance the lecture, most of which use photographs of eggs to illustrate the artistic uses of sound on film.

This event will be held at Dolby Laboratories’ Theater, a multi-format projection room/recording studio complex within Dolby’s South-of-Market Dolby headquarters. The facility was designed as an ideal listening and viewing environment for film, recorded sound, and live presentations.

A limited number of $10 tickets will be available exclusively to registered convention attendees at the tours counter in the main lobby at Moscone. The marked bus will depart at 1:30 for the short ride to Dolby.

About the Speaker
In addition to his 1987 Oscar, Ioan Allen has earned Scientific and Engineering Awards from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. An AES Fellow, and recipient of the AES Silver Medal, Mr. Allen spearheaded the introduction of breakthrough film audio formats which have revolutionized the film sound experience. He is a Fellow of SMPTE and BKSTS and active in U.S. and world standards organizations. In 1985 he received the Samuel L. Warner Award for contributions to motion picture sound.

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