Slate of Candidates for 2017/18 AES Elections

Listed below are candidate profiles for those who wished to share them. Full biographies of the candidates and the bylaw amendment are found on the voting page for downloading or printing.


Joshua Reiss

Nadja Wallaszkovits



Glenn Lorbecki

Richard Wollrich


Vice President Central Region, US & Canada

Mike Porter

Bill Schulenburg


Vice President Central Region, Europe

Thomas Görne

Thomas Sporer


Vice President Southern Region, Europe, Middle East, Africa

Antonio J. de Oliveira

Ufuk Önen


Vice President Latin America

Cesar Lamschtein

Andrés F. Millán


Vice President International

Kazuho Ono

Shusen Wang


Governor (3 at-large to be elected)

Bill Foster

Martha de Francisco

Ulrike Schwarz

Yong Shen

Kyle P. Snyder

Jonathan Wyner


AES - Audio Engineering Society