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Foreword to Commemorative Issue - The AES: 50 Years of Contributions to Audio Engineering
President's Message: Commemorative Issue - The AES: 50 Years of Contributions to Audio Engineering
Introduction to Internationalization, Growth, and the Future of the Society
Personal Memories of the AES in Eastern Germany and Eastern Europe
Brief History of the AES Japan Section
The Growth of the AES in Australia
The AES and Its Future
Authors, Commemorative Issue: The AES: 50 Years of Contributions to Audio Engineering
Conventions and Conferences 1949-1997
Audio Engineering Society Awards Recipients and Awards Program
Highlights in the History of Multichannel Sound
Magnetic Recording
Dawn of the Digital Age
Fifty Years of Loudspeaker Developments as Viewed Through the Perspective of the Audio Engineering Society
Reminiscences on the Founding and Development of the Society
Electronic Technology
Officers/Governors/Editors 1949-1998
Acoustics in the Audio Engineering Society
Standards in the AES
Education and the AES
AES British Section
AES Goes Europe
Thermal Time Constants and Dynamic Compressibility of Air in Fiber-Filled Loudspeaker Enclosures
A Comparison of Computational Methods for Instantaneous Frequency and Group Delay of Discrete-Time Signals
Subjective Evaluation of State-of-the-Art Two-Channel Audio Codecs
Methods for Reducing Audible Artifacts in a Wavelet-Based Broad-Band Denoising System
Introduction: Eureka Project 1187 (Advanced Digital Television Technology)
The Use of Subwoofers in the Context of Surround Sound Program Reproduction
Subjective Appraisal of Loudspeaker Directivity for Multichannel Reproduction
Calibration of Relative Level Differences of a Domestic Multichannel Sound Reproduction System
The Influence of Stereophonic Width on the Perceived Quality of an Audiovisual Presentation Using a Multichannel Sound System
Program Origination of Five-Channel Surround Sound
Matrixed Surround Sound in an MPEG Digital World
Dynamic Range Control (DRC) for Multichannel Audio Systems
Dynamic Range Control in a Multichannel Environment
Microphone and Mixing Techniques for Multichannel Surround Sound: A Digest of Selected Papers Presented at the 103rd AES Convention
The 'Stereo Dipole': A Virtual Source Imaging System Using Two Closely Spaced Loudspeakers
Relationships among Measures of Speech Intelligibility in Rooms
Linear-Phase Crossover Design Using Digital IIR Filters
Music Signal Segmentation Using Tree-Structured Filter Banks
The Compact Disc Story
Audio on Data Networks
Direct Feedback Linearization of Nonlinear Loudspeaker Systems
Improving Loudspeaker Performance for Active Noise Control Applications
Virtual Acoustics, Aeronautics, and Communications
Head-Related Transfer Function Modeling in 3-D Sound Systems with Genetic Algorithms
Study of a Fast Method to Calculate Inverse Filters
Analytic Derivation of Audio PWM Signals and Spectra
Signal Convolution of Recorded Free-Field Gunshot Sounds
Subtractive Dither for Internet Audio
Comments on 'Discrete Element Line Arrays: Their Modeling and Optimization'
Theoretical and Experimental Comparison of Three Methods for Compensation of Electrodynamic Transducer Nonlinearity
Optimization of the Impulse Response Length: Application to Noisy and Highly Reverberant Rooms
The Air and Wood Modes of the Violin
Development and Calibration of a Guitar Synthesizer
Three-Dimensional Sound Synthesis Based on Head-Related Transfer Functions
Tape Flux Measurement Revisited
Determining the Magnetization of Magnetic Tape
Method for Measuring the Absolute Magnitude and Frequency Response of the Flux on Magnetic Tape
Modeling Acoustic Wind Instruments with Contiguous Group Synthesis
Adaptive Nonlinear Control of Loudspeaker Systems
Two Decades of Sound Diffusor Design and Development, Part 1: Applications and Design
Frequency-Domain Equalization of Audio Systems Using Digital Filters, Part 1: Basics of Filter Design
A Method of Reproducing Concert Hall Sounds by 'Loudspeaker Walls'
Two Decades of Sound Diffusor Design and Development, Part 2: Prediction, Measurement, and Characterization
Frequency-Domain Equalization of Audio Systems Using Digital Filters, Part 2: Examples of Equalization
Orthogonal Sequence Modulated Phase Reflection Gratings for Wide-Band Diffusion
Comparison of Two Methods for Measurement of Horn Input Impedance
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