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A Recorder for the Production of Wow Measurement Tape
Application of Negative Impedance Amplifiers to Loudspeaker Systems
New Developments in Output-Transformerless Amplifiers
Some Defects in Amplifier Performance Not Covered by Standard Specifications
Stereophonic Sound with Two Tracks, Three channels by Means of a Phantom Circuit
An Artificial Stereophonic Effect Obtained From Using a Single Signal
The High Fidelity User Looks at Pickup Design
Techniques for Measuring and Evaluating Noise
The Psychophysical Parameters of the Masking Effect as Applied to Sound Recording and Reproduction
Some Observations on Reproduced Sound in an Automobile
The Subjective Discrimination of Pitch and Amplitude Fluctuations in Recording Systems
Design of an Audio Program Selector in a Magnetic Tape Recorder
An Anaylsis of Tape Noise in a 100-KC Bandwidth
A Second Order Gradient Ultradirectional Microphone
Servo-Driven Phonograph Arm
Stereophonic Sound Reproduction in the Home
A New Approach to the High Performance Turntable Problem
A Wide Range Loudspeaker System
Musical Composition with a High Speed Digital Computer
The Case for the Ceramic Cartridge
Principles and Problems of Stereophonic Transmission
A Survey of Factors Limiting the Performance of Magnetic Recording Systems
The Use of Speaker Arrays for Home Installation
Mismatch Between Power Amplifiers and Loudspeaker Loads
The Finer Structure of Magnetic Tape: Features at High Magnification of Oxide Coatings and Bases
Transistorized Magnetic and Photoelectric Input Circuits for Sound Motion Picture Projectors
High Power Audio Amplifiers
A Continuously Variable Tape Drive Mechanism for the Investigation of Sound Phenomena
A New Viscous-Damped Tone Arm Development
Variable-Speed Scanning of Recorded Magnetic Tapes
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