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A New Type of Boundary-Layer Microphone
Room-Related Balancing Technique: A Method for Optimizing Recording Quality
On the Performance of Two-Channel and Multi-Channel Stereophony
Optimizing the Work Surface in Digital Mastering Studios
Automatic Vibration Analysis by Laser Interferometry
Vibration Measurement with Digital ESPI
Measurement of Loudspeaker Parameters Using a Laser Velocity Transducer and Two-Channel FFT Analysis
Problems Concerning the Selection of Functions of Multi-Purpose Measuring System
Computer Control of the Pipe Organ
On the Audibility of Group Delay Distortion at Low Frequencies
Low-Frequency Transient Response Problems in Vented Boxes
A Simple Theory of Cabinet Edge Diffraction
Digital Filter Application for an -In-Phase- and -Linear-Phase- Loudspeaker System
A Small Studio Complex for Radio and Television-Acoustic Requirements and Results
Control Room Acoustics-Measurements
Computer-Aided Room Acoustical Design
Low-Frequency Performance of Listening Rooms for Steady-State and Transient Signals
A Current-Feedback Audio Power Amplifier
Dynamical Measurement of Non-Linear Parameters of Electrodynamical Loudspeakers and their Interpretation
Nonlinearities in Moving Coil Loudspeakers with Overhung Voice Coils
The Significance of Viscoelastic Effects in Loudspeakers Parameter Measurements
Experiments on Sound Emission from Wooden Surfaces
A Professional High Sampling 2-Channel Digital Audio Recorder Based on PD Format
20-Bit 8-Channel Digital Audio Recorder
Equalization of a 24-bit, 1/4-in, Helical Scan Audio Recorder
A DASH Recorder for 48 Channels
A New Playback Head Azimuth Test
Some Not Well Known Aspects of Analog Tape
50 Years of AC-Bias: Dr. Walter Weber Accomplishes HI-FI Recording
Documents on the Invention of Magnetic Recording in 1878: An Appreciation on the 150th Anniversary of the Inventor's Birth
The Restoration of Old Recordings by means of Digital Techniques
Minimally Audible Noise Shaping
Parallel Digital Signal Processing for Audio Engineering
On the Dither Performance of High-Order Digital Equalization for Loudspeaker Systems
A Design Method for High Audio Quality FM Multiplex Encoders
Spectral Representation of a PCM-PWM Digital Power Amplifier
The Delta Stereophony System (DSS) in the City Hall of Stade and in the Open-Air Theater Trachselwald
Coverage and Interference Analysis on Radiator Groups
Far Field Pattern Prediction of Arrayed Directional Sources
TSS System and Live Performance Sound
MCA-Multimix-Computer-Assisted Audio Console for Live Theater, A/V Presentation and Multipurpose Applications
The Sound Characteristic of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Investigated with Digital Measuring Methods
The Audibility of Loudspeaker Phase Distortion
The Calculation of Loudness of Loudspeakers During Listening Tests
Assessing the Subjectively Perceived Loudspeaker Quality on the Basis of Objective Parameters
Microcomputer Aided Recording Level Control
Operational Limits of the Variable M/S Stereophonic Microphone System
Enlarging of the Listening Area by Increasing the Number of Loudspeakers
An Interactive Multimedia Audio Tutorial
7-kHz Transmission Through ISDN
An All-Digital Continuity-Room Architecture for Satellite Broadcasting
New Ways to Design Controlled-Directivity Loudspeakers Using Electrothermomechanical Film
Second Generation Perceptual Audio Coding: The Hybrid Code
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