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Subjective Evaluation of Multi-Channel Stereophony for HDTV
Incorporating Reflection Phase Grating Diffusors in Worship Spaces
New Acoustical Materials and Designs Improve Room Acoustics
Interactive 3-D Graphics System for Auditorium/Cluster Design
The Acoustical Design of a 4,000 Seat Church
T/60-How Do I Measure Thee, Let Me Count the Ways
LEDR: A Subjective Approach to Evaluating and Modifying Control Rooms
Aural Analysis of the Spatial Relationships of Sound Sources as Found in Two-Channel Common Practice
The Localization of Phantom Images in an Omnidirectional Stereophonic Loudspeaker System
CD Direct Metal Mastering Technology-A Step Towards a More Efficient Manufacturing Process for Compact Discs
An Automated Approach to Digital Console Software Design
PDM for Digital Audio Tape Recorders
A New Audio Bit Rate Reduction System for the CD-I Format
An Optical Disk Recording, Archiving, and Editing Device for Digital Audio Signal Processing
A Digital-Audio Contact Printing Technique
Efficient Design of the Oversampling Filter for Digital Audio Applications
New LSIs for a Rotary-Head Digital Audio Tape Recorder (R-DAT) and Their Digital Signal Processing
Music Synthesis Tutor for FM Power Spectra
Digital Audio Processing on a Grand Scale
Automatic Generation of Microcode for a Digital Audio Signal Processor
Bandpass Loudspeaker Enclosures
A Transmission-Line Woofer Model
Investigating 4th-Order Bessel Active Crossovers
Simple Subtractive Crossovers
Loudspeaker Manifolds for High-Level Concert Sound Reinforcement
Cluster Suitability Predictions Simplified
Electronic Control of Speaker Directivity, A Practical Application
An Analysis of Some Off-Axis Stereo Localization Problems
The Delta Stereo Compact Processor (DSP 610) to Utilize a New Directional Sound Reinforcement System
360 Degree Dispersion Frequency Invariant Acoustic Transduction System
Microphones: Small is Beautiful
The Subjective Effect and Measurement of A.D.C./D.A.C. Transfer Characteristic Discontinuity
The Analytic Impulse
On the Use of Computer Generated Dithered Test Signals
STI Measurements Using a Dual Channel Analyzer
High-Frequency Phase Response Specifications-Useful or Misleading?
Instantaneous Intensity
Specific Acoustic Wave Admittance
Digital Synthesis of High Quality Test Signals Conforming to the BTSC TV Stereo System
Automated Measurements of Loudspeaker Small Signal Parameters
An Integrated Generalized Voltage Controlled Building Block
Sound Transmission Through Partitions-Direct Source Field
Reducing Off-Axis Comb Filter Effects in Highly Directional Microphones
The Perception of Sound Coloration Due to Resonances in Loudspeakers and Other Audio Components
The Elimination of Power Compression in Servo Drive Loudspeakers
Image Model Reverberation from Recirculating Delays
Sound Transmission Through Partitions-Diffuse Source Field
Measurement of the Dynamic Transfer Characteristics of Multiband Signal Processing Systems by Time Delay Spectrometry
Computing Peak Currents into Loudspeakers
Digital Dither
The Spectral Recording Process
Real Time Measurement of Jitter in CD Players
Are Equalized Closed-Boxes Preferable to Vented-Boxes?
The Application of Narrow Band Dither Operating at the Nyquist Frequency in Digital Systems to Provide Improved Signal-to-Noise Ratio over Conventional Dithering
The Acoustic Radiation of Line Sources of Finite Length
The Complex Simulation of Acoustical Sound fields by the Delta Stereophony System DSS
Complete Analysis of Single and Multiple Loudspeaker Enclosures
The Effects of Interaural Crosstalk on Stereo Reproduction and Minimizing Interaural Crosstalk in Nearfield Monitoring by the Use of a Physical Barrier: Part 1
The Effects of Interaural Crosstalk on Stereo Reproduction and Minimizing Interaural Crosstalk in Nearfield Monitoring by the Use of a Physical Barrier: Part 2
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