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Digital Audio Compact Cassette Deck with Thin Film Head
LSIs for Digital Signal Processing To Be Used In "Compact Disc Digital Audio" Players
The Development of the Digital Compact Cassette System
How Much has Amplitude Distribution of Music Changed?
Mathematical Transforms and Their Applications in Filtering Techniques: A Tutorial Overview
Measurement of Reverberation Time Using the Different Signal Sources
Vieillissement de la Qualité Sonore des Enregistrements sur Mini-Cassettes (French)
A Method for Optimizing Sound Quality in Moving Coil Cartridges
Design Parameters Important for Optimization of Very High Fidelity PWM (Class D) Audio Amplifiers
The Practical Use of Current Dumping for High Power Amplifiers
Interface Intermodulation Distortion (IIM) in Power Amplifiers
Distortion in Class AB Power Amplifiers
Listening Room Influence on Loudspeaker Sound Quality and Ways of Minimizing It
Acoustics and Sound Systems of the Palace of Culture in Prague
Sound Systems in the Theatre
Test Procedure and Digital Test Generator for Digital Audio Systems
A Digital Hardware for Filtering and Mixing of Audio Signals
C 460 B-A New Microphone Preamplifier for the Existing Condenser Microphone Modular System
Time Domain Voice Analysis System for Speech Pathology
A New Loudness Indicator for Use in Broadcasting
Sound Transmission with Free Propagating Infrared Light, Part 1: Continuous Modulation Techniques
Sound Transmission with Free Propagating Infrared Light, Part 2: Discontinuous Modulation Techniques
A Variable Compliance Phonograph Cartridge
A Two-Channel Professional Digital Audio Sampling Frequency Converter
A Digital Interface for the Interconnection of Professional Digital Audio Equipment
Power and Real Signals in an Audio System
A Design of Professional Digital Audio Recorder
About Loudspeaker System Impedance with Transient Drive
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