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A New Apparatus to Analyze the Acoustics of a Room Using Tone Burst Signals from a Loudspeaker
Absorption of Sound by Air: A Personal Calculator Program
Digitalization of Conventional Analogue Filters for Recording Use
Nonlinear Distortion Measurement Using Composite Pulse Waveform
Digital Additive Synthesis for Computer Music
A Real-Time Tape Duplication System
History of Women in Audio
Analysis of Simultaneous Mouthpiece and Output Waveforms of Wind Instruments
A Distributed System Concept
Professional-Use PCM Audio Processor with a High Efficiency Error Correction System
An Electroacoustic Testing System for Field and Laboratory Measurements
New Technologies Allow Comprehensive and Rapid Tape Recorder Testing
Translating LEDE- Control Room Design into Practical Experience
A Tool for Room Acoustic Measurement
Use Analysis of a Theatre Sound System
On Loudspeaker Response in Sound Control Rooms
The Use of Seminars and Audio Visual Presentations to Promote the Acceptance of Engineered Sound and Communications Systems by the General Public
Thin Film Tape Heads for PCM Recorders
A Wideband Tape and Transport Diagnostic Method
A Comparison of Nonlinear Distortion Measurement Methods
Design Factors in a Fully Automated Distortion Analyzer
Using Basic Energy Time Curve (ETC) Measurements
Speech Signal Processor Using Comb Filter, Time Compression and Expansion of Speech
A New Device for Dispersing Sound Omnidirectionally from a Tweeter
A Fully Automatic Quality Control and Assurance System
Effect of Direct Sound on Perceived Frequency Response of a Sound System
Minicomputer Applications in Audio Consulting Considerations Regarding Processing of Data and Words
Some Observations on the Teaching of Electronic Music
Pressure Zone Microphones-: A Practical Application of the Pressure Zone Recording Process-
Ground Plane Acoustic Measurement of Loudspeaker Systems
On Acoustical Specification of Natural Stereo Imaging
Personal Calculator Programs for Approximate Vented-Box and Closed-Box Loudspeaker System Design
A Proposed Method for Uniform Determination of Polarity Response of Magnetic Reproducers
Recent Advances in Digital Audio Recording Technique
Computer Simulation for Digital Audio Systems
Acoustic Design Considerations for Speech Intelligibility
Python One: A Versatile, Portable Console for Video and Film Production
A Computer Controlled Polyphonic Synthesizer
A Revolutionary 3-D Interferometric Vibrational Mode Display
A New Ultra Linear 16-Bit Digital-to-Analog Conversion System for Professional Audio
Super Linear Circuit
A Thirty-Five Year History and Evolution of the Recording Studio
Coaxial Flat-Plane Loudspeaker with Polymer-Graphite Honeycomb Sandwich Plate Diaphragm
Perceptual Attributes of Supraliminal Low Frequency Sound and Infrasound
A Power Class A Technique with Open Loop Stability
Another Reverberator
Azimuth and Interchannel Time Displacement Error in Multi-Track Magnetic Tape Recording
New Factors in Power Amplifier Design
Motion Picture Sound in Record Industry Perspective
On a Tape Format for Reliable PCM Multi-Channel Tape Recorders
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