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Synthesis of Loudspeaker Mechanical Parameters by Electrical Means: A new Method for Controlling Low-Frequency Loudspeaker Behaviour
High Efficiency Class A Audio Power Amplifier (Class A+ Amplifier)
Practical and Aesthetic Microphone Techniques for Recording or Broadcasting Symphonic Music
An Application of Bob Smith's Phasing Plug
Evaluating the Influence of Room Acoustics on L/R Stereo Perception
A Real Time Audio to Visual Music Transcriber (AVMT)
A New Magnetic Tape Recorder Having the Automatic Adjusting Functions for Bias and Recording Conditions
Suppression of Low Level Impulse Noise
Stacked and Splayed Acoustical Sources
The Optimum Pivot Position on Tonearm
Delta Modulation is Alive and Well and Living in Time Compression
Threshold of Audibility of Transient Intermodulation Distortion
A Triphonic Sound Reproduction System Using Coincident Microphones
Hall Effect Pickup for Stringed Musical Instruments
Dipole Radiator Systems
Distortion Measurements by Multiple-Tone Method
A Consideration of the Error Correcting Codes for PCM Recording System
Loudspeaker Arrays--A Graphic Method of Designing
Loudspeaker Athletics
A Microprocessor Based Controller for Live Performance Music Synthesizers
Acoustic Lens, Their Design and Application
Partial Deafness and Distortion Perception
Apparent Apex Theory
Overview of Disco Sound Systems
On the Specification of Moving-Coil Drivers for Low-Frequency Horn-Loaded Loudspeakers
16-Channel Real-Time Music Synthesizer
Low-Cost Alternatives in High-Quality State Variable Filters
2-Channel PCM Tape Recorder for Professional Use
A Compact PCM Audio Disc Pickup Employing Semiconductor Laser
Analysis and Synthesis of Musical Instrument Tones
A Novel Precision Testing Technique for Intensive Care Instrumentation
A 24-Channel Stationary-Head Digital Audio Recorder
A Digital Audio Recorder Format for Professional Applications
Measurement of Audio Signal Slew Rate
Relationship Between Amplifier Bandwidth Slew-Rate Requirements, and Phase Distortion
Improved Real-Ear Tests for Stereophones Using an IC Microphone
A 6.4-Second Digital Delay Line, Uniquely Designed for Broadcast Obscenity Policing
Development of One-Chip FM/AM Tuner IC
Unified Instrumentation and Design of Speech Reinforcement Systems
A Preliminary Evaluation of 360 Degree Concert Halls
Non-Switching Amplifier
The Influence of Parasitic Resonances on Compression Driver Loudspeaker Performance
An Editing System for Multichannel Digital Tape Recorders
On RIAA Equalization Networks
A Simple Method for Computation and Detection of Static and Transient Intermodulation Distortions
A Digital -Phase Shifter- for Musical Applications, Using the Bell Labs (Alles-Fischer) Digital Filter Module
Design of a Real-Time Sampling Rate Conversion System
Noise in Audio Systems
FM Multiplex Broadcasting of 2-, 2-1/2-, 3-Channel Surround Sound
A Low Distortion Electronic Switch for Audio and Video Signal Processing
A Floating-Point Digitally Transcribed High-Fidelity Audio Mixing System
Accurate Methods for Determining the Low-Frequency Parameters of Electro-Mechanical-Acoustic Transducers with BLI Excitation
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