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4-2-4 Matrix Systems: Standards, Practice and Interchangeability
Some Single- and Multiple-Source Localization Effects
The Status of Broadcast Cartridge Design
Generation of Transient Acoustic Pressure Signatures
A Loudspeaker Designed Utilizing a Sixth Order Butterworth Response Characteristic
The Piezoelectric Loudspeaker: Its Use in Audio Systems
Multitrack Audio in Video Production
A Method for Qualifying Recorded Tone Bursts
Measurement of the Acoustical Properties of the Concert Hall of the Michael C. Rockefeller Arts Center, State University College at Fredonia, New York
Design Considerations for a Transportable Sound Reinforcement System
Sound Techniques Evaluate Cardiovascular System in Health and Disease
Computer Generated Pure Tones and Noise and Its Application to Psychoacoustics
Acoustic and Aerodynamic Voice Analysis
A Method of Coding Complex Shapes by an Auditory Display
New Instrumentation for Reverberation Measurements
TTL Circuits for Monophonic Devices
Equalizing the Monitoring Environment
Audiometer-Earphone Design and Calibration
Small Size High Efficiency Underwater Loudspeaker
Practical Considerations in Sound System Feedback Control
Vacuum Cassette Duplicator
Use of Capstan Servo Systems in Audio Recorders for Multimedia Synchronization
The Pitfalls of the General Purpose IC Operational Amplifier as Applied to Audio Signal Processing
The Design of a High Power Cutting Amplifier
Compatible FM Broadcasting of Panoramic Sound
The Relative Importance of the Direct and Reverberant Fields to Spectrum Perception
An Objective Proof of Performance Test Program for Sound Reinforcement Systems
EIA RS-400 -Reproducer Test Tape- Reviewed
Electropiano for Music Education
Quadraphonic One-Point Pick-Up Microphone
A Practical Approach to Recording Studio Automation
A VU Meter for the Blind Operator
Performance and Interface Specifications for Professional Audio Magnetic Recorders
Characteristics of the Sansui QS Vario-Matrix based on a Psychoacoustic Study of the Localization of Sound Sources in Four-Channel Stereo (Parts I and II)
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