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The Effect of Conducting Gap Spacers on the Impedance of Magnetic Heads
The Vented Loudspeaker: A Restatement
New Techniques for Sound System Equalization
Remote Equalization of Sound Systems
Acoustical Research Employing Time Average Holography
Microphone Transient Response Measurement
Noise Pollution and the Colorado Legislature
The Synthesizer in Popular Music: Some Problems and Solutions
Discrete-Matrix Multichannel Stereo
The Dorren Quadraplex System of Four-Channel FM Broadcasting
Measurements of Auditorium Acoustics with a Storage Oscilloscope and Tone Burst Generator
Model Railroad Sound System
A Re-Examination of the S/N Question for Systems with Time Varying Gain or Frequency Response
The Advantage and Disadvantage of Hearing Aids in Industry
Determine by Literature Search the Methodology to Conduct a Community Noise Survey
Master-Tape Equalization Revisited
A Simple Speed Control Servo Using a Monostable Reference
Playback Effects from Matrix Recordings
A Quadraphonic Oscilloscope Display Technique
Design of a State of the Art Console for Stereo and Four-Channel Broadcasting
Time Compression and Expansion of Speech by the Sampling Method
A New Piezoelectric Direct Radiating Tweeter
In Situ Measurement and Equalization of Sound Reproduction Systems
Loudspeaker Instrumentation
A High-Accuracy Frequency Shifter for Professional Audio Applications
Economical Special-Purpose Computers for Processing Audio Signals
High Quality Professional Recording Using New Digital Techniques
High-Intensity, Modular, Tri- & Quad-Amplification/Loudspeaker Systems
Is Four Channel a Fraud?
A Scientifically Comparative Study of Different Quadraphonic Matrices
Parametric Equalization
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