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Recent Developments in the Field of Condenser Microphones
The Harmonic Compressor, A System for Doubling Information Rates of Speech
Waveform Mixing for Organ Pedal Tone Generation
Derivative Synthesis of Musical Tones
Ultrasound in Retinal Detachment Surgery
Signature Analysis of Heart Sounds & Murmurs
The Effect of Sound on Plant Growth
Design of Servo-Driven Straight-Line Phonograph Arms
Psychological Evaluation of Non-Linear Distortion
Correct Spatial Sound Perception Rendered by a Special 2-Channel Recording Method
Loudspeakers for Model Investigations
Music and Recording in the Soviet Union
Means for Visual Indication of the Overload Limit for Audio Power Amplifiers
An Electroacoustic Transducer for Measuring Acoustical Impedances
Electroacoustics in the Theatre
Hi-Fi and Studio Technique: Criteria of Sound Transmission
An Electronic Forward Drive in Transcription Turntables
A Differential Type Telephone Repeater Circuit
A Re-Evaluation of Some Methods of Measuring Distortion
Hearing With Ears Instead of Instruments
Encephalophone: An Electronic Stethoscope for the Brain
An Outdoor Sound Reinforcement System for the Performing Arts
Musicasette Interchangeability: The Facts Behind The Facts
An Inertial, Head-Contacting Audio Communications Headset System
Electronic Crossover Networks and Their Contribution to Improved Loudspeaker Transient Response
A Wide-Band Miniature Microphone
Some Aspects of High Frequency Loudspeaker Design
Real-Time 1/3 Octave Analyzer Type 3347
Stethoscope Acoustics and the Physician: Concepts and Problems
Signal Conditioning for Slow Speed Tape Recordings
Where is Recording Going?
Low Distortion Loudspeaker System
Toward Complete Laboratory-Design of Sound Reinforcement Systems
A Portable Teaching Machine
Sound Reinforcement in the Theatre
The Design of a High-Performance Tape Duplicating System
An Electrostatic Condenser Type Phonograph Pickup Cartridge
The Electronics of Nervous Transmission
-Invisible- Sound Reinforcement with 350 Microphones
Sound Reinforcement in the Music Pavilion
Amplification of Sound Fields
A DC Servo Controlled Magnetic Tape Transport
Design Considerations for a Speakerphone Development
Frequency Response Analysis of Phono Pickups on Calibrated Test Records
Phenomenological Interpretation of the Print-Through Effect by Means of the Preisach Diagram
A Dynamic Presence Equalizer
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