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Transmission Lines in Studios
Low Noise Replay-Preamplifier for Professional Audio Recorders
Development Considerations of a Versatile Professional Unidirectional Microphone
Loudspeaker Voice Coils
New Music Buildings-The Sonic Environment
Loudness Meter
Transportation Noise Sources
Updating and Interpreting the Speech Interference Level (SIL)
A Simple Tailoring Machine for Philips Cassettes
A Simplified-Hysteresis-Loop Model of the AC Biased Magnetic Recording Process
Reliability in Production Testing of Loudspeaker Components and Systems
A Sound Reinforcement System for Multiple Conference Rooms
Location of Loudspeakers in Sound Reinforcement Systems
Design Considerations of Low Noise Audio Input Circuitry for a Professional Microphone Mixer
Talking and Listening Levels in Verbal Communication-Importance of Specifying Parametric Values
A Tape-to-Disc Mastering System Featuring Unique Control and Monitoring Facilities
Crosstalk Measurements on Magnetic Recording Heads
On the Objective Testing of Circumaural Hearing Protectors
An Improved Theatre Type Loudspeaker System
An Unusually Flexible OP Amp Mixing Console
The Meaning of Quantitative Loudspeaker Measurements
A New Music and Sound Effects System for Theatrical Productions
Sound Amplification Systems for San Diego All American Stadium
The Measurement of Medium-Wavelength Flux on a Magnetic Tape Record
Design Parameters of a Dual Woofer Loudspeaker System
An Examination of Dropouts Occurring in the Magnetic Recording and Reproduction Process
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