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Nonlinear Distortion in Dynamic Direct Radiator Loudspeakers
A Limited-Vocabulary Adaptive Speech-Recognition System
Computer Control of Sound Apparatus for Electronic Music
Charge Amplifier
Protection of Amplifiers
Automated Production Testing of Audio Amplifiers
A Rerecording Console for the Preparation of Duplicating Master Tapes
A Completely Solid State Audio Follow Video Switching System
Characteristics Influencing the Grain of Speech Reinforcement Systems
Automatic Power and Frequency Control of FM Transmitters
The RIAA Engineering Committee
The Standards of the Institute of High Fidelity
Development of the Sony TTS-3000 Turntable
The -Humanized- Headphone
Remote Control of Modular Equipment in Audio Consoles
A High Performance Control Console with Flexibility
Sound at Expo '67
A Brief View of EIA Standards in the Audio Field
The NAB Recording and Reproducing Standards
Tracking Ability Specifications for Phonograph Cartridges
A Mobile Electroacoustic Laboratory
Magnetic Head Lapping for Professional Tape Recorders
A Modular Audio Facilities Mixing System
Special Reproduce System for the Independence Hall at Knott's Berry Farm
The General Electric Letterwriter
An Audio Noise Reduction System
New Electronics for the 3M Master Tape Recorder
Power Output and Power Dissipation in Class B Transistor Amplifiers
Design Factors and Considerations in Full Complementary Symmetry Audio Power Amplifiers
Audio Visual Engineering-A New Discipline?
The Role of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers in Audio Standardization
FCC Regulations Governing the Audio Fidelity Characteristics of FM Broadcast Equipment
Creative Aspects of Live-Performance Electronic Music Technology
International Standards for Audio
Integrated Circuits in Organs
Audio Facilities for the Labyrinth Pavillion, Expo '67
Speed, Pitch, and Timing Errors in Tape Recording and Reproducing
Phonovid-A System for Recording Television Pictures on Phonograph Records
AES - Audio Engineering Society