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Transient Frequency Deviations of Oscillators as Measured with Audio Instruments
Toll Conference Arrangements
Multi-Purpose White Noise Source
Integrated Treatment of Tracing and Tracking Error
A Pilot Phase Monitor for FM Stereophonic Broadcasting
Single Ended Electrostatic Loudspeakers with High Efficiency and Improved Linearity
A Pay-TV System Using Audio Techniques
Sub-Miniature Transformers for Studio Purposes
-State-of-the-Art- Effects on Magnetic Tape Recording of Scientific Data at the U.S. Navy Underwater Sound Laboratory
A High-Fidelity 1-7/8 ips Recording System
The Frequency Spectra of Several Languages as a Criterion for the Frequency Response of Language Laboratories
Understanding Audio Analgesia
A New Magnetic Tape with Greater Dynamic Range
Unitized Stereophonic Loudspeaker with Acoustically Augmented Separation of the Sound Sources
A New Radio Central at NBC
Trends in Loudspeaker Magnet Structures
Noise for Loudspeaker Testing
A Study of SCA Interference in Stereo FM Receivers
A Method for Raising the Load Capability of Stereo Cutters
A Transistorized Audio Console for TV Stations
Communications Systems Employing Telephone Circuits for Voice and Data
Simple Method for Control of Multi-Signal Recording
A New Transistorized 120 Watt Audio Amplifier
A New Method of Controlling the Holdback Tape Tension in Tape Recorders
Modular Recording Console
Audio Facilities at Dulles International Airport
Audio Aids and Commission Policy
Linguistic Problems in Extraterrestial Communication
FM Stereo Receiver Performance as a Function of Pilot Circuit Design
Computer Simulation of a Formant-Vocoder Synthesizer
A Method of Measuring the Peak Current Amplitude of a Lightning Surge Using Magnetic Tape
Communication Methods Used in Radio and Television News Coverage
Wireless Microphones and Their Use in Business and Industry
Techniques Used in Radio and Television News Coverage
The Saga of the Recording Stylus
Condenser Microphones with Electret Foil
Interrelation of Speaker and Amplifier Design
Monitoring and Measuring the FM-Stereo Broadcast
Trends in Magnetic Recording-Reappraisal III
A System for High-Speed Multiple Duplication of Three-Track 15/16 IPS Magnetic Tape Cartridges
Magnetic Tape Cartridges
A Solid-State Tone Burst Generator
Extending the Dynamic Range of Magnetic Recorders
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