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Consistency of High Frequency Preference Among Expert Listeners
Subjective Evaluation of High Resolution Recordings in PCM and DSD Audio Formats
The Acceptability of Speech with Interfering Radio Program Material
The Effect of Dynamic Range Compression on Loudness and Quality Perception in Relation to Crest Factor
Hyper-Compression in Music Production: Listener Preferences on Dynamic Range Reduction
An Approach to Quantifying the Latency Tolerance Range in Non-Collaborative Musical Performances
Emotional Impact of Different Forms of Spatialization in Everyday Mediatized Music Listening: Placebo or Technology Effects?
Data-Driven Modeling of the Spatial Sound Experience
Investigation into Vertical Stereophonic Localization in the Presence of Interchannel Crosstalk
The Perceptual Effects of Horizontal and Vertical Interchannel Decorrelation Using the Lauridsen Decorrelator
The Effect of Auditory Memory on the Perception of Timbre
Investigation of a Random Radio Sampling Method for Selecting Ecologically Valid Music Program Material
Criticality of Audio Stimuli for Listening Tests – Listening Durations During a Ranking Task
Memory Requirements Reduction Technique for Delay Storage in Real Time Acoustic Cameras
Introducing Waveform Distribution Moments for Audio Content Analysis
Efficient Low Frequency Echo Cancellation Using Sparse Adaptive FIR Filters
Implementation of a Binaural Localization Algorithm in Hearing Aids: Specifications and Achievable Solutions
Computationally-Efficient Speech Enhancement Algorithm for Binaural Hearing Aids
Two-Stage Impulsive Noise Detection Using Inter-frame Correlation and Hidden Markov Model for Audio Restoration
Creation of New Virtual Patterns for Emotion Recognition through PSOLA
Extended Subtractive Synthesis of Harmonic Musical Tones
A Virtual Acoustic Environment for Automated Parameter Optimization of a Multichannel Downmix Algorithm
An Approach to the Generation of Subharmonic Frequencies in Audio Applications
True Peak Metering—A Tutorial Review
Drift and Wow Correction of Analogue Magnetic Tape Recordings in the Analogue Domain Using HF-Bias Signals
Elicitation and Objective Grading of Punch within Produced Music
The Subjective Effect of BRIR Length on Perceived Headphone Sound Externalization and Tonal Coloration
3-D Audio Object Rendering into 5.1 Surround System
Elevation Localization Response Accuracy on Vertical Planes of Differing Azimuth
A New Method for the Determination of Acoustically Good Room Dimension Ratios
A Novel Approach for Prototype Extraction in a Multipoint Equalization Procedure
Infrasound in Vehicles—Theory, Measurement, and Analysis
Open Plan Office Acoustics and Computer Modeling: Theory versus Practice
On Low and Mid Frequencies Sound Absorption Characteristics of Porous Materials
Optimizing Microphone Placement and Formats for Assistive Listening System Sound Pick-Up
Small-Signal Loudspeaker Impedance Emulator
Dynamic Measurement of Loudspeaker Suspension Parameters Using an Active Harmonic Control Technique
Auralization of Signal Distortion in Audio Systems Part 2: Transducer Modeling
Quantifying Acoustic Measurement Tolerances and Their Importance in the Loudspeaker Supply Chain
An Investigation of Loudspeaker Simulation Efficiency and Accuracy Using a Conventional Model, a Near-to-Far-Field Transformation, and the Rayleigh Integral
Mechanical Nonlinearities of Electrodynamic Loudspeakers: An Experimental Study
Active Loudspeaker Heat Protection
A Novel Moving Magnet Linear Motor
Ambient Atmospheric Conditions and Their Influence on Acoustic Measurements
Numerical Simulation of Microphone Wind Noise, Part 3: Wind Screens and Shields
Graphene Microphone
How Far Do Microphones Reach? A Comparison between Dynamic and Analog / Digital Condenser Microphones
A Condenser Microphone for Close-Miking and Very High Sound Pressure Levels–Revisited
Adaptive Digital Oscillator for Virtual Acoustic Feedback
A Psychoacoustic-based Vocal Suppression for Enhanced Interactive Service Using Spatial Audio Object Coding
Application of Common-Pole Parallel Filters to Nonlinear Models Based on Orthogonal Functions
Multiphysic Modeling and Heuristic Optimization of Compression Driver Design
Properties of Gradient Loudspeakers
A Guide to the Design and Evaluation of New User Interfaces for the Audio Industry
An Open-Source Dynamic Networked Audio System
A New Algorithm for Vocal Tract Shape Extraction from Singer's Waveforms
Participatory Amplitude Level Adjustment of Gesture Controlled Upper Body Garment Sound in Immersive Virtual Reality
Audio Information Mining – Pragmatic Review, Outlook, and a Universal Open Architecture
Control of Frame Loudspeaker Array for 3-D Television
Ambidio: Sound Stage Width Extension for Internal Laptop Loudspeakers
On Spatial-Aliasing-Free Sound Field Reproduction using Infinite Line Source Arrays
2-D to 3-D Upmixing Based on Perceptual Band Allocation (PBA)
Customization of Head-Related Impulse Response Via Two-Dimension Common Factor Decomposition and Sampled Measurements
A Flexible System Architecture for Collaborative Sound Engineering in Object-Based Audio Environments
Effect of Microphone Number and Positioning on the Average of Frequency Responses in Cinema Calibration
A Delayed Parallel Filter Structure with an FIR Part Having Improved Numerical Properties
A Loudness-Based Adaptive Equalization Technique for Subjectively Improved Sound Reproduction
New Sound and Visual System of the State Parliament of North-Rhine Westphalia in Duesseldorf, Germany
Latest Improvements for Spatial Sound Reinforcement: Configuration’s Automation, Remote Control Using Mobile Devices, and Object Based Room Simulation
Diffused System of Noise Measurement, Concept, and Implementation
Improving the Performance of an In-Home Acoustic Monitoring System by Integrating a Vocal Effort Classification Algorithm
Eyes-Free Interaction for Personal Media Devices
Supporting TV Sound in the UK – A New Role for Education?
Cross Level Peer Tutoring to Support Students Learning Audio Programming
From Faraday to Fourier: Teaching Audio Technology Fundamentals Using Loudspeaker Design
Efficient Cross-Codec Framing Grid Analysis for Audio Tampering Detection
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