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Portable Spherical Microphone for Super Hi-Vision 22.2 Multichannel Audio
Sound Field Visualization Using Optical Wave Microphone Coupled with Computerized Tomography
Proposal of Optical Wave Microphone and Physical Mechanism of Sound Detection
Numerical Simulation of Microphone Wind Noise, Part 2: Internal Flow
Linear Phase Implementation in Loudspeaker Systems: Measurements, Processing Methods, and Application Benefits
Applications of Inverse Filtering to the Optimization of Professional Loudspeaker Systems
Live Event Performer Tracking for Digital Console Automation Using Industry-Standard Wireless Microphone Systems
Real-Time Simulation of a Family of Fractional-Order Low-Pass Filters
A Computationally Efficient Behavioral Model of the Nonlinear Devices
High-Precision Score-Based Audio Indexing Using Hierarchical Dynamic Time Warping
Music to Our Ears: The Effect of Background Music in Higher Education Learning Environments
Recording History in Audio Education
Investigating Auditory Room Size Perception with Autophonic Stimuli
Digitally Steered Columns: Comparison of Different Products by Measurement and Simulation
A Concentric Compact Spherical Microphone and Loudspeaker Array for Acoustical Measurements
Adapting Loudspeaker Array Radiation to the Venue Using Numerical Optimization of FIR Filters
Evaluation of Dynamics Processors’ Effects Using Signal Statistics
A New Ultra Low Delay Audio Communication Coder
Cascaded Long Term Prediction of Polyphonic Signals for Low Power Decoders
Voice Coding with Opus
High-Quality, Low-Delay Music Coding in the Opus Codec
The Structure of Noise Power Spectral Density-Driven Adaptive Post-Filtering Algorithm
Improvement of 3-D Sound Systems by Vertical Loudspeaker Arrays
An Integrated Algorithm for Optimized Playback of Higher Order Ambisonics
I Hear NY3D: Ambisonic Capture and Reproduction of an Urban Sound Environment
I Hear NY3D: An Ambisonic Installation Reproducing NYC Soundscapes
Auralization of Measured Room Impulse Responses Considering Head Movements
Reduced Representations of HRTF Datasets: A Discriminant Analysis Approach
Investigation of HRTF Sets Using Content with Limited Spatial Resolution
Reproducing Real-Life Listening Situations in the Laboratory for Testing Hearing Aids
Measuring Speech Intelligibility in Noisy Environments Reproduced with Parametric Spatial Audio
On the Influence of Headphones on Localization of Loudspeaker Sources
Binaural Reproduction of 22.2 Multichannel Sound with Loudspeaker Array Frame
An Offline Binaural Converting Algorithm for 3D Audio Contents: A Comparative Approach to the Implementation Using Channels and Objects
Music Consumption Behavior of Generation Y and the Reinvention of the Recording Industry
(Re)releasing the Beatles
Maximum Averaged and Peak Levels of Vocal Sound Pressure
Listener Adaptation in the Control Room: The Effect of Varying Acoustics on Listener Familiarization
Spectral Characteristics of Popular Commercial Recordings 1950-2010
A Knowledge-Engineered Autonomous Mixing System
Audio Device Representation, Control, and Monitoring Using SNMP
IP Audio in the Real-World; Pitfalls and Practical Solutions Encountered and Implemented when Rolling Out the Redundant Streaming Approach to IP Audio
Implementation of AES-64 Connection Management for Ethernet Audio/Video Bridging Devices
Simultaneous Acquisition of a Massive Number of Audio Channels through Optical Means
Blind Microphone Analysis and Stable Tone Phase Analysis for Audio Tampering Detection
Supply-Feedback Fully-Digital Class D Audio Amplifier Featuring 100 dBA+ SNR and 0.5 W to 1 W Selectable Output Power
On the Perceptual Advantage of Stereo Subwoofer Systems in Live Sound Reinforcement
Auditory Adaptation to Loudspeakers and Listening Room Acoustics
Perception Testing: Spatial Acuity
Evaluation of Loudness Meters Using Parameterization of Fader Movements
Validation of the Binaural Room Scanning Method for Cinema Audio Research
Temporal Synchronization for Audio Watermarking Using Reference Patterns in the Time-Frequency Domain
Sound Source Separation Using Interaural Intensity Difference in Real Environments
Reverberation and Dereverberation Effect on Byzantine Chants
Cepstrum-Based Preprocessing for Howling Detection in Speech Applications
Delayless Method to Suppress Transient Noise Using Speech Properties and Spectral Coherence
Artificial Stereo Extension Based on Hidden Markov Model for the Incorporation of Non-Stationary Energy Trajectory
Simulation of an Analog Circuit of a Wah Pedal: A Port-Hamiltonian Approach
Improvement in Parametric High-Band Audio Coding by Controlling Temporal Envelope with Phase Parameter
Level-Normalization of Feature Films Using Loudness vs Speech
Sound Identification from MPEG-Encoded Audio Files
Pilot Workload and Speech Analysis: A Preliminary Investigation
Gain Stage Management in Classic Guitar Amplifier Circuits
Audio Pre-Equalization Models for Building Structural Sound Transmission Suppression
Application of Matrix Analysis to Identification of Mechanical and Acoustical Parameters of Compression Drivers
Application of Static and Dynamic Magnetic Finite Elements Analysis to Design and Optimization of Transducers Moving Coil Motors
End-of-Line Test Concepts to Achieve and Maintain Yield and Quality in High Volume Loudspeaker Production
Advances in Impedance Measurement of Loudspeakers and Headphones
Auralization of Signal Distortion in Audio Systems—Part 1: Generic Modeling
Free Plus Diffuse Sound Field Target Earphone Response Derived from Classical Room Acoustics Theory
Listener Preferences for In-Room Loudspeaker and Headphone Target Responses
An Audio Game App Using Interactive Movement Sonification for Targeted Posture Control
Evaluation of the SMPTE X-Curve Based on a Survey of Re-Recording Mixers
An Objective Comparison of Stereo Recording Techniques through the Use of Subjective Listener Preference Ratings
Tampering Detection of Digital Recordings Using Electric Network Frequency and Phase Angle
Portable Speech Encryption Based Anti-Tapping Device
Personalized Audio Systems—A Bayesian Approach
Defining the Un-Aliased Region for Focused Sources
Using Ambisonics to Reconstruct Measured Soundfields
Subjective Evaluation of Multichannel Sound with Surround-Height Channels
A Perceptual Evaluation of Recording, Rendering, and Reproduction Techniques for Multichannel Spatial Audio
The Optimization of Wave Field Synthesis for Real-Time Sound Sources Rendered in Non-Anechoic Environments
A Perceptual Evaluation of Room Effect Methods for Multichannel Spatial Audio
Source of ENF in Battery-Powered Digital Recordings
The Audio Performance Comparison and Method of Designing Switching Amplifiers Using GaN FET
Audio Effect Classification Based on Auditory Perceptual Attributes
Development of Volume Balance Adjustment Device for Voices and Background Sounds within Programs for Elderly People
Acoustical Measurement Software Housed on Mobile Operating Systems Test
Evaluating iBall—An Intuitive Interface and Assistive Audio Mixing Algorithm for Live Football Events
A Definition of XML File Format and an Editor Application for Korean Traditional Music Notation System
Negative Formant Space, “O Superman,” and Meaning
The Effects of Interaural Level Differences Caused by Interference between Lead and Lag on Summing Localization
Paired Comparison as a Method for Measuring Emotions
Media Content Emphasis Using Audio Effect Contrasts: Building Quantitative Models from Subjective Evaluations
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