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Alternate Software and Pedagogical Strategies for Teaching Audio Technology to Classically Trained Music Students
Auditory-Visual Attention Stimulator
Evaluation of Acoustic Features for Music Emotion Recognition
Investigating Auditory Human-Machine Interaction: Analysis and Classification of Sounds Commonly Used by Consumer Devices
Loudness Measurement of Multitrack Audio Content Using Modifications of ITU-R BS.1770
Delayless Robust DPCM Audio Transmission for Digital Wireless Microphones
Violin Sound Computer Classification Based on Expert Knowledge
A Finite Difference Method for the Excitation of a Digital Waveguide String Model
The Relation between Preferred TV Program Loudness, Screen Size, and Display Format
Vibration in Music Perception
An Assessment of Virtual Surround Sound Systems for Headphone Listening of 5.1 Multichannel Audio
Effect of Target Signal Envelope on Direction Discrimination in Spatially Complex Sound Scenarios
A Framework for Adaptive Real-Time Loudness Control
The Perception of Masked Sounds and Reverberation in 3-D vs. 2-D Playback Systems
User-Driven Quality Enhancement for Audio Signal Processing
Partial Spectral Flatness Measure for Tonality Estimation in a Filter Bank-Based Psychoacoustic Model for Perceptual Audio Coding
A New Approach to Model-Based Development for Audio Signal Processing
Combined Quasi-Anechoic and In-Room Equalization of Loudspeaker Responses
Accordion Music and its Automatic Transcription to MIDI Format
A Speech-Based System for In-Home Emergency Detection and Remote Assistance
Assessment of Speech Quality in the Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB+) System
Investigation on Objective Quality Evaluation for Heavily Distorted Speech
Novel 5.1 Downmix Algorithm with Improved Dialogue Intelligibility
Monaural Speech Source Separation by Estimating the Power Spectrum Using Multi-Frequency Harmonic Product Spectrum
The Effectiveness of Speech Transmission Index (STI) in Accounting for the Effects of Multiple Arrivals
Introducing Synchronization of Speech Mixtures in Blind Sparse Separation Problems
An Embedded-Processor Driven Test Bench for Acoustic Feedback Cancellation in Real Environments
Automated Tonal Balance Enhancement for Audio Mastering Applications
A Pairwise and Multiple Stimuli Approach to Perceptual Evaluation of Microphone Types
Comparison of Power Supply Pumping of Switch-Mode Audio Power Amplifiers with Resistive Loads and Loudspeakers as Loads
The Psychoacoustic Testing of the 3-D Multiformat Microphone Array Design and the Basic Isosceles Triangle Structure of the Array and the Loudspeaker Reproduction Configuration
A Perceptual Audio Mixing Device
On the Use of a Haptic Feedback Device for Sound Source Control in Spatial Audio Systems
Audio Level Alignment—Evaluation Method and Performance of EBU R 128 by Analyzing Fader Movements
Balance Preference Testing Utilizing a System of Variable Acoustic Condition
Distortion Improvement in the Current Coil of a Loudspeaker
Driving Electrostatic Transducers
Boundary Element Simulation of an Arrayable Loudspeaker Horn
Single Permanent Magnet Co-Axial Loudspeakers
Multiple Low-Frequency Corner Folded Horn Designs
Effect of Elastic Gel Layer on Energy Transfer from the Source to Moving Part of Sound Transducer
Combination of Growing and Pruning Algorithms for Multilayer Perceptrons for Speech/Music/Noise Classification in Digital Hearing Aids
Automatic Sample Recognition in Hip-Hop Music Based on Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
Performance Optimization of GCC-PHAT for Delay and Polarity Correction under Real World Conditions
Reducing Binary Masking Artifacts in Blind Audio Source Separation
Detection of Sinusoids Using Statistical Goodness-of-Fit Test
Novel Designs for the Parametric Peaking EQ User Interface for Single Channel Corrective EQ Tasks
Drum Replacement Using Wavelet Filtering
Collaborative Annotation Platform for Audio Semantics
Investigation of Wavelet Approaches for Joint Temporal, Spectral and Cepstral Features in Audio Semantics
Various Applications of Active Field Control
Comparative Acoustic Measurements: Spherical Sound Source vs. Dodecahedron
Archaeoacoustics: An Introduction—A New Take on an Old Science
Scattering Effects in Small-Rooms: From Time and Frequency Analysis to Psychoacoustic Investigation
The Effects of Temporal Alignment of Loudspeaker Array Elements on Speech Intelligibility
Some Practical Aspects of STI Measurement and Prediction
The Radiation Characteristics of an Array of Horizontally Asymmetrical Waveguides that Utilize Continuous Arc Diffraction Slots
Numerical Simulation of Microphone Wind Noise, Part 1: External Flow
Listener Preferences for Different Headphone Target Response Curves
Optimal Condition of Receiving Transducer in Wireless Power Transfer Based on Ultrasonic Resonance Technology
Design of a Headphone Equalizer Control Based on Principal Component Analysis
Improve the Listening Ability Using E-Learning Methods
Optimizing Teaching Room Acoustics: Investigating the Exclusive Use of a Distributed Electroacoustic Installation to Improve the Speech Intelligibility
Software Techniques for Good Practice in Audio and Music Research
A Practical Step-by-Step Guide to the Time-Varying Loudness Model of Moore, Glasberg, and Baer (1997; 2002)
Subjective Evaluation of Sound Quality of Musical Recordings Transmitted via the DAB+ System
Music and Emotions: A Comparison of Measurement Methods
Multidimensional Scaling Analysis Applied to Music Mood Recognition
Artificial Stereo Extension Based on Gaussian Mixture Model
Binaural Ambisonic Decoding with Enhanced Lateral Localization
A Cluster and Subjective Selection-Based HRTF Customization Scheme for Improving Binaural Reproduction of 5.1 Channel Surround Sound
Spatially Oriented Format for Acoustics: A Data Exchange Format Representing Head-Related Transfer Functions
Head Movements in Three-Dimensional Localization
A Modular Framework for the Analysis and Synthesis of Head-Related Transfer Functions
Measuring Directional Characteristics of In-Ear Recording Devices
Modeling the Broadband Time-of-Arrival of the Head-Related Transfer Functions for Binaural Audio
Influence of Different Microphone Arrays on IACC as an Objective Measure Of Spaciousness
The Effect of Playback System on Reverberation Level Preference
Adaptation of a Large Exhibition Hall as a Concert Hall Using Simulation and Measurement Tools
Digital Filter for Modeling Air Absorption in Real Time
Development of Multipoint Mixed-Phase Equalization System for Multiple Environments
Acoustics Modernization of the Recording Studio in Wroclaw University of Technology
Accurate Acoustic Echo Reduction with Residual Echo Power Estimation for Long Reverberation
Implementation of an Intelligent Equalization Tool Using Yule-Walker for Music Mixing and Mastering
On the Informed Source Separation Approach for Interactive Remixing in Stereo
Scene Inference from Audio
Continuous Mobile Communication with Acoustic Co-Location Detection
Advancements and Performance Analysis on the Wireless Music Studio (WeMUST) Framework
Acoustical Characteristics of Vocal Modes in Singing
Intelligent Acoustic Interfaces for Immersive Audio
The Effects of Spatial Depth in the Combinations of 3-D Imagery and 7-Channel Surround with Height Channels
Comparative Analysis on Compact Representation for Spatial Variation of Individual Head-Related Transfer Functions Based on Singular Value Decomposition
Calculation of Individualized Near-Field Head-Related Transfer Function Database Using Boundary Element Method
A Standardized Repository of Head-Related and Headphone Impulse Response Data
Recording and Playback Techniques Employed for the “Urban Sounds” Project
Robust 3-D Sound Source Localization Using Spherical Microphone Arrays
Parametric Spatial Audio Coding for Spaced Microphone Array Recordings
Optimal Directional Pattern Design Utilizing Arbitrary Microphone Arrays: A Continuous-Wave Approach
Layout Remapping Tool for Multichannel Audio Productions
Multichannel Ring Upmix
Discrimination of Changing Loudspeaker Positions of 22.2 Multichannel Sound System Based on Spatial Impressions
Modeling Sound Localization of Amplitude-Panned Phantom Sources in Sagittal Planes
Estimation of Overdrive in Music Signals
Mobile Audio Measurements Platform: Toward Audio Semantic Intelligence into Ubiquitous Computing Environments
System Identification Based on Hammerstein Models Using Cubic Splines
Impulse Responses Measured with MLS or Swept-Sine Signals: A Comparison between the Two Methods Applied to Noise Barrier Measurements
Polar Measurements of Harmonic and Multitone Distortion of Direct Radiating and Horn Loaded Transducers
An Efficient Nonlinear Acoustic Echo Canceller for Low-Cost Audio Devices
Radiation Pattern Differences between Electric Guitar Amplifiers
An Ambisonics Decoder for Irregular 3-D Loudspeaker Arrays
The Effect of Low Frequency Reflections on Stereo Images
Parametric Spatial Audio Reproduction with Higher-Order B-Format Microphone Input
Wave Field Synthesis of Virtual Sound Sources with Axisymmetric Radiation Pattern Using a Planar Loudspeaker Array
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