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Impression Evaluation Model for Button Sounds Using a Neural Network
The Advanced Terrestrial DMB System for Multi-Channel Audio Service
Smooth PCM Clipping for Audio
Segmented Dimensionality Reduction Coding on Frequency Domain Signal
Implementation of 3D Sound using Grouped HRTF
Robust Crosstalk Cancellation Based on Energy-Based Control
A Bit Reduction Algorithm for Spectral Band Replication Using the Masking Effect
A Consonance-Maximization Tuning Algorithm in Equal-Temperament Synthesized Tones
Discrimination of Music Signals for Mobile Broadcasting Receivers
Low Carrier Frequency Noise-Shaper for Digital Amplifier
On Evaluation of Blind Audio Source Separation
Framework for Unified Speech and Audio Coding
An Efficient Forward Prediction Order Selection Method for MPEG-4 Audio Lossless Coding
Designing Low-Dimensional Interaction for Mobile Navigation in 3D Audio Spaces
An Improved Weighting Curve Based on Equal-Loudness Contour
Introduction to the OpenCORE Audio Components Used in the Android Platform
Mobile Phone Audio: The Shape of Things to Come
Displayport™: Digital Multimedia Display Interface for PCs
Acoustic Blind Source Separation using Graphical Models
Novel Sinusoidal Amplitude Coding Method for Paramtric Audio Codec
A Study of Evaluating the Button Sounds using Wavelets
Non-Linear Signal Processing for Low Frequency Enhancement
Tiny DSP: DSP Core, Algorithm Development and 'Device Mastering’
Using Salient Envelope Features for Audio Coding
Simple High Band Extension Method using Wavelet for the Mobile Devise
Personalized Music Service Based on Parametric Object Oriented Spatial Audio Coding
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