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Application Of Speech Rate Conversion Technology To Video Editing: Allows Up To 5 Times Normal Speed Playback While Maintaining Speech Intelligibility
The Attraction Of Optical Replay Of Mechanical Recordings
Digital Audio Archiving In Public Broadcasting
A High-Performance, Low-Cost Wax Cylinder Transcription System
High-Speed Transfer From Analogue Tape To Digital Files
Instability And Vulnerability Of CD-R Carriers To Sunlight
An Integrated Solution For Digitization, Archiving, And Restoration Of Large Audio Collections
An Interactive Pitch Defect Correction System For Archival Audio
The Internet Sound Restoration Service Based On The Perceptual Denoising Method
Introducing Computer-Based Audio Archives In German Public Broadcast Stations - A Report About Experiences And Actual State
Life Expectancy Testing Of Magnetic Tapes - A Key To A Successful Strategy In Audio And Video Preservation
Metadata - The Basis Of Asset Management
Metadata System Of National Audiovisual Archive In Hungary
New Technology For Broadcast Archive Preservation
Optical Retrieval And Storage Of Analog Sound Recordings
Optimized Workstation For The Transfer Of Large Collections
Practical Experience With Long-Term Cd-R Archiving
Preservation Of The BBC Radio 1 Archive
Protective Nonlinear File Structure
Radio History Online
Reduction Of Modulation Noise In Analog Full Track Recording Using Multitrack Replay Techniques
Restoration Of Nonlinearly Distorted Audio With The Application To Old Motion-Pictures
Resynchronisation Of Multiple Audio Sources
Subject And Content Description For Sound Effects In The Image And Sound Effect Database
Toward Nanoelectronics In Data Recording
Wavelet And Self-Organizing Map Based Declacker
What Are The Sources Of The Noises We Remove?
AES - Audio Engineering Society