AES Historical Committee Report 2002-09-23 (Revised)

AES Historical Committee Report (2002-09-23) for the Board of Governors Meeting, 113th Convention, 2002-10-09

Updated 2003-03-05 to reflect reports at the HC Meeting 2002-10-07, and reported to the Governors' meeting ]

We do not now have any items that require BOG action.

The presently active AES Historical Committee projects [as numbered in our Guidelines] are as follows:

5 [Create a "History of the AES" subcommittee, to organize and maintain an archive relating to the history of the Audio  Engineering Society itself, ...]

Revised item: Roger Furness reported at the HC Meeting that, because of the HQ renovation,  he and staff (Christine Carleo in particular) had found a storage facility in the New York area, and moved the AES' historical material there.

The translation of the Japanese Chapter of the AES  "History of the AES Japan Chapter" is still underway (sorry, but I can only push a volunteer translator so hard).

8 [Encourage each Local Section and each Convention Committee to organize an appropriate session on the history of audio  engineering, or a display on an appropriate historical subject. When requested, provide information to help them to do so.]

AESHC members under the leadership of Ernst Voelker organized and presented a very successful  historical exhibit for the 112th Convention in Munich. Our wesite has the schedule and the report of the activities, and minutes from the committee meeting.

The Historical Committee is presenting a new "When Vinyl Ruled"exhibit at the 113th (Los Angeles) Convention, organized by Wes Dooley and Dale Manquen, with historical equipment -- microphones, mixing consoles, magnetic recorders, vinyl technology, and powered monitors --  from the 1940s thru 1970s, with docents and with distinguished speakers. Details online.

There will be an open meeting of the Historical Committee on Monday (moved from Sunday) 2002 Oct 7, from 13 to 14:30 in the exhibit room (308A). You are all invited to attend the exhibits and the meeting.

Alex Balster and Stan Tempelaars have started planning a historical exhibit for the 114th Convention (Amsterdam, 2003-03).

10 [Create an AESHC web site and an FTP site on which to publish the information compiled in the following sections.]

Please see our website . For the new things, see "What's New on this Website"  . We have updated the index of obituaries in the Journal, and added many new links. We are working on making the oral history interviews available as streaming mp3 files.

12 [Devise a catalog for classifying the inventions and developments made in audio engineering, based on the work of  HK Thiele.]

Project leader Prof. Manfred Krause continues his work, as reported on our website.

13 [Record oral histories (sound only, sound with video, and/or sound with still photographs) of important figures in the  history of audio engineering.]

Many new interviews have been recorded. We solicit your suggestions both for interviewers and for further interviewees, especially for countries outside of the US. We are working on making the interviews publicly available as mp3 files on our website.

14 [Collect, write, publish, and otherwise disseminate accurate historical information about the field of audio engineering.]

We have obtained permission to scan and post on our website the pioneering 1934 Bell Tel Labs "Audio Perspective" symposium papers. That should be done by Convention time.

Dale Manquen has proposed an "AES Library of Historical Episodes", recorded from (for instance) the "When Vinyl Ruled" exhibits.

Jay McKnight, Chair
AES Historical Committee


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