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Hans Lange

Hans Lange

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Audio Fields:

  • Product Design & Manufacturing - Transducers
  • Acoustics, Psychoacoustics, Hearing - Measurement and Instrumentation
  • Consumer - Home
  • Product Design & Manufacturing - Hardware
  • Product Design & Manufacturing - Research & Development

Job Duties:

  • Owner/Director
  • Acoustic Consultant
  • Designer
  • Hardware Designer


Designing and manufacturing loudspeakers since 1992.

Employment History

Since 1992 I run my own business as Loudspeaker Manufacturer.

Related Experience

Designing most loudspeaker sorts such as sealed, ported, dipole, horn loaded and omni-directional sound sources. I have about 15 years' experience with CAD/CAM techniques as well as single or multi-channel FFT analysis. We also manufacture different 130 mm MF drivers, 76 mm HF Drivers, 25 mm HF drivers including magnetic structure and moving parts. Those are either sold on OEM basis or used in our own products.

Why Am I An AES Member?

Accessing E-papers allows AES members to shape empirical concepts. It's also a helpful structure to get in touch with engineers that contribute to the industry growth.


Ceresio 30
CH-6963 Pregassona
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