AES Officers and Committees


2016 AES BoG

Board of Governors and Committee Chairs met in Los Angeles

  • Alex U. Case   President
  • David W. Scheirman   President Elect
  • John Krivit   Past President
  • Leslie Gaston-Bird   Vice President, Western Region, USA/Canada
  • Jason Corey   Vice President, Central Region, USA/Canada
  • Anthony Schultz   Vice President, Eastern Region, USA/Canada
  • Per Sjosten   Vice President, Northern Region, Europe
  • Thomas Sporer   Vice President, Central Region, Europe
  • Liz Teutsch   Vice President, Southern Region, Europe
  • Valeria Palomino   Vice President, Latin American Region
  • Toru Kamekawa   Vice President, International Region
  • Valerie Tyler   Secretary
  • Garry Margolis   Treasurer


  • Jim Anderson  
  • Natanya Ford  
  • Andres A. Mayo  
  • Masataka Nakahara  
  • Sean Olive  
  • Jan Abilgaard Pedersen  
  • Magdalena Plewa  
  • Agnieszka Roginska  

Committee Chairs

  • Bozena Kostek   Associate Editors, JAES Editor-in-Chief
  • Andres A. Mayo   Awards
  • Jan Abilgaard Pedersen   Conference Policy
  • David Scheirman   Conference Policy, vice chair
  • Bill Foster & Richard Wollrich   Convention Policy
  • Kyle P. Snyder   Education
  • Doug Bielmeier, Brecht De Man, Nyssim Lefford   Education, vice chairs
  • Garry Margolis   Finance
  • Bill Foster   Financial Planning
  • Bill Wray & Gene Radzik   Historical
  • J.G. (Jay) McKnight   Historical, chair emeritus
  • Sean Olive   Laws and Resolutions
  • David Scheirman   Laws and Resolutions, vice chair
  • Kyle P. Snyder   Membership
  • John Krivit   Nominations
  • Joshua Reiss   Publications Policy
  • Anthony Schultz   Regions and Sections
  • Bruce Olson   Standards
  • Francis Rumsey   Technical Council
  • Jürgen Herre, Michael Kelly & Bob Schulein   Technical Council, vice chairs
  • Christopher V. Freitag   Tellers


  • Bob Moses   Executive Director
  • Chris Plunkett   Director of Operations
  • Steve Johnson   Chief Information Officer
  • Robert Clyne   Marketing Manager
  • Graham Kirk   International Sales Manager
  • Frank Wells   Director of Communications
  • Bill McQuaide   Managing Editor of the Journal
  • Mary Ellen Ilich   Senior Editor of the Journal
  • Francis Rumsey   Consultant Technical Writer & Editor of the Journal
  • Lori Jackson   Membership Services, U.S./Canada/International
  • Sue Williams   Membership Services, Europe
  • Heather Lane   Membership Services, U.K.
  • Richard Cabot   Standards Manager

More Information

Information on AES Technical Council and Committees

Information on Standards Committee officers, subcommittees, and working groups

Correspondence to AES officers and committee chairs should be addressed to them via the appropriate email form or via the society's international headquarters:

Audio Engineering Society, Inc.
551 Fifth Ave., Suite 1225
New York, NY 10176

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