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Past Event: SMAART: History, Applications, Case Studies and the Role of Curiosity in Audio

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May 17, 2021 at 6:00 pm

Location: Seattle Metro area, Seattle, Washington, USA

Moderated by: Dan Mortensen

Speaker(s): Michael Lawrence & Jamie Anderson - Rational Acoustics

Smaart is an FFT-based audio analysis program. The name stands for System Measurement Acoustic Analysis Real-time Tool. Smaart can be used in many ways to examine sound systems in detail in order to diagnose and solve problems, and to confirm proper setup and operation. It can also be used to characterize the performance of and diagnose problems with the components of those sound systems, as well as components of the system's acoustic output itself and the space containing the sound. In many ways, the program's capabilities are only limited by the user's imagination, and this meeting will explore these capabilities and more.

Starting off with a brief history of FFT audio analysis, we'll look at how it got translated into audio use, and how Smaart came to be and to evolve into what it is today. Rational Acoustics' President Jamie Anderson, who has been present and active in much of the history of FFT audio analysis, will share some of that history with us.

Jamie and Michael Lawrence, Rational Acoustics' Application Support Specialist and Smaart SPL Product Manager, will guide us through some of the ways Smaart is used to assist in evaluating sound, both conventional and unconventional. This includes the idea of "sandbox engineering," which is using your available tools to design experiments that allow you to answer your own questions rather than waiting for someone else to answer them for you.

Our own Bob Smith will be on hand to share his experiences and usages of Smaart. Other attendees' experiences and usage stories will be welcomed.

This Zoom meeting is free to all, and free tickets are available at the Eventbrite link below. We require that all present use their real names in Zoom, mute your microphone and turn off your video during the presentation except when asking questions, and that each attendee gets tickets through Eventbrite (no account needed, no ticket sharing) so we can know how many people are going to attend. Our Zoom account has a finite capacity.

Other Business: Election notice: The following persons are nominated: Chair - Greg Dixon, Vice-Chair - Bob Smith, Secretary - Gary Louie, Treasurer - Lawrence Schwedler Section Committee: Jess Berg, Micah Hayes, James D. (JJ) Johnston, Dr. Michael Matesky, Dan Mortensen The actual election takes place at the June 2021 Meeting.

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Posted: Tuesday, May 4, 2021

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