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Past Event: Immersion Audio Mixcubed: a Cloud Based Spatial Audio Platform for Creators

June 16, 2021 at 7:00 pm

Location: Seattle Metro, WA, USA

Moderated by: Greg Dixon

Speaker(s): Paul Hubert, James D. (jj) Johnston, Jim Rondinelli - Immersion Networks

 Immersion Networks, the spatial audio innovators, are launching a cloud platform that allows anyone to upload tracks and mix them in a three-dimensional environment. Remarkably intuitive and affordable, mix3 by Immersion Networks (mixcubed.com; pronounced "mixcubed") is the first 3D audio mixing platform available to everyone—podcasters, content creators, producers, artists, and engineers--that lets them transform files into lush, intimate, headphone-ready mixes. These mixes can be appreciated without special hardware and distributed through streaming services.

The result of years of development, the Immersion Networks Mixtool was originally intended for a high powered studio workstation, but the realization that people weren't going into high powered studios anymore led to making a more decentralized offering. Immersion realized that by moving processing into the cloud, their tool would be accessible to a lot more people at a much lower cost. Not quite as driven by people not going into the studio, it was more about maximizing the impact of the tools with lower costs for all.

In use, Mixcubed is a cloud-based spatial audio mixer, taking mono (or stereo) stems, uploading them to the cloud and processing them there, while providing a simplified user interface in a browser window. Based on moving icons representing your tracks around a workspace with the listener in the center, computation takes place in the cloud, returning a stereo spatialized headphone mix. When the mix placement is complete (including relative levels, both direct and indirect in the virtual space), pressing the render button renders and returns a high quality (96/24) stereo file that is compatible with all players and distribution services. Although the target listener uses headphones, the resulting mixes work remarkably well on loudspeakers.

Mixcubed will be a subscription offering, with additional features (such as motion automation) delivered regularly.

The results are revolutionary.

See for yourself! Headphones recommended.

A Musical example

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Posted: Sunday, May 23, 2021

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