39th AES Conference - Exhibitors



Exhibitor list

  • Cedar Audio, UK
  • National Center of Media Forensic, University of Colorado, Denver, USA
  • DPA Microphones, Denmark

Free Exhibitor Space

In a radical departure from other events of this nature, the committee has decided to offer exhibitor space to companies offering products in these fields. This space will be provided free of charge; the exhibiting company will only have to register its attendees for the conference in the normal manner. What’s more, each company will be invited to present its products to the conference in a special session that will form part of the main proceedings, not as an adjunct as always happens elsewhere.

The committee invites all companies whose products and services are pertinent to the forensic professional community to apply for this free exhibitor space and product presentation opportunity. If more than twelve companies apply, the committee will invite those whose products and services are most pertinent and
offer the greatest benefit to the non-commercial attendees.

For further information and to apply for your free space, please contact the
Conference Chairman:

Eddy B. Brixen
EBB-consult, Denmark
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Conference sponsor:

EBB Consult

AES - Audio Engineering Society