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Information about the City of Hillerød

Information on Hillerød can be found at

Some information about the City of Copenhagen

Copenhagen, founded 1167, is the capital of Denmark (a kingdom since 958). The reigning queen is Margrethe II. With 1.5 million inhabitants and an area of about 3.000 km2, Copenhagen is the largest city in Denmark with a concentration of cultural and governmental activities as well as teaching institutions on all levels; for example the University (established in the 15th century) and the Technical University (established by the physicist H.C.Ørsted, 1777-1851).

Street Tower

Great fires of 1728 and 1795 as well as wars against Sweden (1659) and England (1807) have diminished the number of medieval buildings in Copenhagen, but a number of impressive renaissance buildings (Rosenborg Castle, Stock Exchange, Round Tower, Our Saviour’s Church etc. erected under King Christian IV (1588-1648), and many renaissance and baroque churches still exist. So do many colourful, narrow streets of well built and well kept houses erected soon after the disasters.

The Town Hall (1905) with its 105 m tower is one of the most impressive buildings in central Copenhagen. A stroll through central Copenhagen may end up in one of the many green parks, in the TIVOLI amusement park or in the harbour area with its many spectacular modern architectural activities - and of course: The Little Mermaid.

Tourist information about Copenhagen can be found here.

Palace Garden


Mid June is late summer in Denmark, with a mix of sun and rain and mean temperatures around 15 degrees Celsius. Tourist information will be available on request and sent to all registered participants.


Banks and Exchange Offices will exchange most foreign currencies. Shops, hotels, restaurants, railway stations, taxis and post offices accept major international Credit Cards. The currency unit in Denmark is the Kroner (DKK), the exchange rate is about DKK 7.45 / Euro.

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