145th AES CONVENTION Student / Career Event SC07: SPARS Mentoring

AES New York 2018
Student / Career Event SC07

Thursday, October 18, 11:30 am — 1:30 pm (Crystal Palace)

SC07 - SPARS Mentoring

Drew Waters, SPARS - Valley Village, CA, USA

This event is especially suited for students, recent graduates, young professionals, and those interested in career advice. Hosted by SPARS in cooperation with the AES Education Committee, career related Q&A sessions will be offered to participants in a speed group mentoring format. A dozen students will interact with 4–5 working professionals in specific audio engineering fields or categories every 20 minutes. Audio engineering fields/categories include gaming, live sound/live recording, audio manufacturer, mastering, sound for picture, and studio production.

Mentors include:
David Amlen; Chris Mara; Leslie Mona-Mathus; Jamie Baker; Karrie Keyes; Leslie Ann Jones; Piper Payne; Scott Adamson; Barry Rudolph; Dave Hampton; Fred Guarino; Lenise Bent; Geovana Gaitan; Narima Wong;
Eve Anna Manely

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