145th AES CONVENTION Student / Career Event SC15: Audio Effects in Sound Design 101

AES New York 2018
Student / Career Event SC15

Saturday, October 20, 11:30 am — 12:30 pm (1E21)


SC15 - Audio Effects in Sound Design 101

Brecht De Man, Birmingham City University - Birmingham, UK

Audio effects are the bread and butter of the audio engineer and offer endless creative opportunities to enrich (or spoil) music. But their use is equally relevant in other linear and interactive media, where significant processing is often needed before sources fit the sonic environment or artistic vision. A sound designer can have several tasks within the context of a single production, such as making overdubbed or synthetic sources convincing, making reality more interesting than it is, conveying emotional state, accounting for auditory perception and system limits, and making things sound imaginary, virtual, or magical.
This tutorial can be useful for novices and inspirational for pros, covering fundamentals and taxonomy and showing how these different goals can be achieved with a basic set of processors.

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