145th AES CONVENTION Recording & Production Track Event RP24: From Studio to Stage—The Impact of Technology on Live Production

AES New York 2018
Recording & Production Track Event RP24

Saturday, October 20, 3:00 pm — 4:00 pm (1E21)

Recording & Production: RP24 - From Studio to Stageā€”The Impact of Technology on Live Production

Erin Barra, Berklee College of Music - Boston, MA, USA; MAMMA BARRA
DJ Nebraska, Jessie Davis Music - Brooklyn, NY, USA
DJ Raydar Ellis, Berklee College of Music - New York, NY, USA
Paul "Willie Green" Womack, Willie Green Music - Brooklyn, NY, USA

Advancements in technology and software have transformed the live performances of DJs, looping artists, and producers. DAWs and samplers do not live solely in the domain of the studio, rather they have become the instruments of live performers across the globe. This round-table discussion will explore the changing workflows and evolving capabilities of technology-based artists.

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