145th AES CONVENTION Presenters: DJ Nebraska

AES New York 2018 Presenter or Author

DJ Nebraska

Primary Affiliation: Jessie Davis Music - Brooklyn, NY, USA

Jessie “DJ Nebraska” Davis is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, DJ, and educator who brings magic both to the stage and the classroom. Jessie was raised as a classical pianist in Salt Lake City, UT. Later she migrated to Atlanta, GA where she honed her skills in jazz, r&b, hip hop and gospel music. Davis has now been living in NYC and immersing herself in hip hop culture since 2011. She has become a staple of the hip hop community and NYC underground; holding down residencies as co host of Freestyle Mondays, house musician for LayeRhythm, and DJ for Blue Nile jam session. She has developed events including Wildcard Tuesdays, Fever, and the Nebraska Jones Experiment which feature her many talents, and provide a platform for other artists to develop their craft. Her mission as an artist and educator is to empower others by enabling them to discover their individual voice and creative freedom.

Davis has worked extensively with non-profit organizations like Urban Art Beat and EM Arts. She has developed music programs for voice, keyboarding, music production, and DJing in K-12 schools throughout New York City. Davis was recently selected as a Next Level teaching artist, and will be traveling to Jerusalem in 2019 to offer DJ workshops as a US cultural ambassador.

A chameleon of a performing artist, Jessie taps into her multi-faceted skill set to deliver a unique sonic and visual experience. Founding “The Nebraska Jones Experiment” as a one woman show on a subway platform, the project has since culminated into a 4 track EP and is currently in the studio developing the full length album. DJ Nebraska delivers a mulit-dimentional live show that includes live beat making and looping in Ableton Live. In addition she incorporates turntablism, beatboxing, vocal looping/effects, visuals, and choreography. DJ Nebraska is always pushing boundaries and flexing all of her creative muscles. Her performance is always interactive and reaching deep to the souls of anyone in attendance.

More Info: http://www.jessiedavismusic.com

Session List

Oct 20: RP24: From Studio to Stage—The Impact of Technology on Live Production (Presenter)

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