145th AES CONVENTION Product Development Track Event PD13: Practical Deep Learning Introduction for Audio Processing Engineers

AES New York 2018
Product Development Track Event PD13

Friday, October 19, 3:00 pm — 4:15 pm (1E09)


Product Development: PD13 - Practical Deep Learning Introduction for Audio Processing Engineers

Gabriele Bunkheila, MathWorks - Madrid, Spain

Are you an audio engineer working on product development or DSP algorithms and willing to integrate AI capabilities within your projects? In this session we will walk through a simple Deep Learning example for speech classification. We will use MATLAB code and a speech command dataset made available by Google. We will cover creating and accessing labeled data, using time-frequency transformations, extracting features, designing and training deep neural network architectures, and testing prototypes on real-time audio. We will also discuss working with other popular Deep Learning tools, including exploiting available pre-trained networks.

AES Technical Council This session is presented in association with the AES Technical Committee on Semantic Audio Analysis

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